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Artix Entertainment: Baby, It’s COLD Outside


AdventureQuest Worlds: Scale the Frozen Northlands!

Pack a Parka… it’s gonna get mighty cold!


Winter is on its way! Many of you-myself included-have already begun the festive decoration process in preparation for the upcoming Frostval season. Lights are being stapled to the roof. Trees are being lopped down to fit inside houses. And the holiday shopping madness is currently underway!

Unfortunately, not everyone in AdventureQuest Worlds ( ) shares the same Frostval spirit. Take Aisha for example. This cold-blooded Queen of the Ice Dragons received too much coal in her stocking and has sought out for revenge! With the help of her frozen Dragons, Wrym Riders, and various cold-blooded creatures, Aisha has declared WAR on the peaceful inhabitants of the Frozen Northlands.

Journey to this brand-new uncharted zone opening Friday. You and your fellow comrades must find a way to end Aisha’s reign (not to be confused with reign-deer)! As if her cold-blooded demeanor wasn’t enough to freeze the world over, she has even sent an avalanche of chilly beasties to help ensure the new Ice Age Level (remember, you don’t “Age” in Lore… you “Level” up). Aisha’s ice army is jammed-packed with new members… and these monsters are nothing like you’ve seen before! Her draconic minions are fighting on home turf, too, so already they have the upper hand… er, claw. Aaand apparently there is an armored Ice Dragon Boss at the mountain summit, so even if you happen to survive the twisty-turny mountain path covered in a blanket of snow baddies, your chance of success is slim. It is safe to say that you will be walking on thin ice here…!


The New “New”

Frostval is the season for giving presents and giving thanks… and the AQW Team is doing just that! December has only just begun, and the war in the Frozen Northlands is only the tip of the iceberg. Each week in December is gonna have new items. New weapons. New maps. New NPCs. New puns. New cutscenes. New monsters. New “new”!


Speaking of “new”, a new contest has just begun on the forums! To start Frostval on the right track, Cysero came up with the delicious idea of the “AQW Creative Cookie Contest” (leave it up to him to think of a contest that involves dessert). This contest is pretty much self-explanatory: create a cookie AQWorlds style (or other yummy treat), take a picture of it, submit it on the forums, and have a chance at winning scrumptious prizes. And the best part is: you get to eat your creation afterwards! Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

We hope you enjoy this literal “wicked cool” release! See you in the Frozen Northlands!

Battle om nom nom!
Beleen, Cysero, Artix, and the AQW Team

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