Artix Entertainment: Battle the Great Red Dragon

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Artix Entertainment: Battle the Great Red Dragon, Akriloth!

This is turning into a heated situation…
As you are reading this, players of the online RPG DragonFable ( ) are preparing themselves for battle against the Great Red Dragon, Akriloth! Starting this Friday, heroes from across Lore will come face-to-snout with the unyielding force that empowers the Fire Dragon! Ice being the only element strong enough to conquer Akriloth, Yulgar-Falconreach’s beloved


blacksmith-has crafted the ultimate weapon: the Frozen Claymore. The final battle against Akriloth will require precise swordsmanship and incredible defense against all the elements. This battle is only suited for the incredibly brave… or the incredibly foolish.

DragonFable was created three years after the release of AE’s first flash-based RPG, AdventureQuest ( Trying its best to recreate the AQ Storyline, DragonFable formed something that very few game companies in history have ever done: a game based on player feedback and suggestions! The DF Team has kept true to their word on supporting ideas and suggestions via the forums, allowing the Team to focus on what the players really want-in this case, the final battle against Akriloth!


Lost In Wanderland

When you go chasing Togs down a rabbit hole, things are bound to get wild!

Last week, the young shop-girl Aria went wandering around to find unique pets to sell in her grandmother’s shop. Unfortunately, Grams has not heard from Aria in weeks, and now she’s worried. By accepting the quest, players can explore a brand-new zone that is really “out of this world.” By exploring the depths of Wanderland, players will come closer to finding Aria… and finding completely bizarre creatures, such as Cheshire Moglins and the Queen of Tarts! Also, it is advised to stay clear of any snacks or drinks one encounters in Wanderland; the outcome is simply unpredictable!


About DragonFable ( )

DragonFable is a free, browser-based Role Playing Game built in Flash. It features a traditional fantasy environment with completely original plot and outline, inspired by player feedback. DragonFable prides in its extremely customizable characters and is updated weekly with new weapons, armors, quests, features, and… some really weird stuff… continually added by the friendly Team!

Until next time….
Battle on!
Beleen & the friendly AE Team

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