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Artix Entertainment: Battleon Burns!


According to the latest dispatch from our friends at Artix Entertainment, the town of Battleon was no match for Drakonnan and has burned to the ground.

Artix Entertainment: Battleon Burns!

The town of Battle On is no match against the forces of the Fire Lord…

Heroes of the online RPG DragonFable ( ) have desperately tried to stop the forces behind the Fire War for over two months. The town of Battleon was built just last week in hopes that it could withstand the unforgiving destruction caused by Drakonnan, the one responsible for the War. This week, DragonFable Heroes will watch in dismay as the new town of Battleon succumbs to the unyielding element of Fire! Our Heroes will face new fiery enemies this week as they embark on a quest to find the fabled weapon strong enough to defeat Drakonnan: the Vanilla Ice Katana! With the help of our new NPCs-contest winners from last week’s Creative Contest-the Heroes of DragonFable may still have a chance in extinguishing the Fire War once and for all!


The Fire War is just one of the troubles our Heroes will face. Last week, the ranger Robina asked for help when she heard a massive explosion in SureWould Forest; all the colors in the forest were starting to leech out of the ground and plants! Robina asked our Heroes to investigate, and they discovered that Doctor Voltabolt-a Mad-Dentist-created a machine to “borrow” the dye from the foliage. The Druids living in SureWould Forest wanted an all-natural plant dye for their robes, but Voltabolt’s machine exploded! Now things are stuck in a monotone state: gray, wilted, and lifeless. This week, our Heroes will have to go undercover in hopes of finding a way to fix the Mad-Dentist’s complex machine!


Bombardment of Bugs!

MechQuest Players are about to engage in their own War…
Last year, The Heroes from another RPG MechQuest ( ) discovered an ancient Shadowscythe Starship buried deep within the planet Westion. Shadowscythe forces recently took the ship back and left massive crater in its place! Now, giant mecha-sized bugs have begun swarming out of the crater, and are stampeding blindly toward the lone city of Alamonia! Oddly enough, these bugs appear to be running away from the crater instead of attacking without a valid motive… What could possibly scare these giant mecha-sized creepy crawlies?


About DragonFable ( ) and MechQuest ( )

Amongst our other four RPGS, DragonFable and MechQuest are free, browser-based Role Playing Games built in Flash. Our games feature a traditional fantasy environment with a completely original plot and outline that is inspired by player feedback. DragonFable and MechQuest features extremely customizable characters and are updated weekly with new weapons, armors, quests, features, and… some really weird stuff… continually added by the friendly Team!

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