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Artix Entertainment: Drakkonan’s Rise to Power


In the latest developer journal, Artix Entertainment gives players of DragonFable a look at Drakkonan’s Rise to Power. Keep reading!

Artix Entertainment: Drakonnan’s Rise to Power

The fire in his heart clouds his head with smoke…

Corrupted with the powers engulfing the Fire Orb, the traitor Drakonnan seeks to burn the world of Lore to the ground! Players of the online RPG DragonFable( ) made the gruesome discovery last week as to who was really behind the Fire War: the Fire Mage Xan and his pupil Drakonnan. Unfortunately for Xan-and the Heroes of Lore-Drakonnan is getting stronger with each passing day. It is only a matter of time until the student surpasses the teacher!


No War has ever been won overnight. And DragonFable’s Fire War is no exception. Raging on for over 2 months now, the War continually grows stronger despite the best efforts made by our Heroes. New monsters appear on the battlefield weekly, ranging from fierce Plasma Dragons to Fire Golems! Last week, Players watched in horror as a beloved Hero fell to Drakonnan’s wrath. Galanoth’s blood brother, Demento, gave his life in order to warn the Heroes of the impending doom to come. Many more will befall the same fate if Drakonnan is not stopped!


The dedicated team behind DragonFable’s success issued a “Creative Contest” a few weeks ago, open to DF Players of all ages and levels. This contest put our Players on a real-life Quest to impress the DragonFable Team with their Creativety Skill! The 10 winners that were chosen are going to receive a legendary prize that is a dream come true to any gamer: their character will be made into an in-game NPC! These NPCS will be featured in the Fire War quest chain starting this weekend!


To top this epic week off, Artix Entertainment has been talking to Warner Brother Studios and is featuring an in-game promotion of the movie “Shorts”! By viewing the advertisement from our sponsors, Players will have a chance to make a Wish and discover the outcome of said wish! Players will also earn a rare item and Gold, and will even have the chance to win DF currency known as DragonCoins! Ballyhoo can be visited up to 12 times per day, with each visit having a chance to win DragonCoins. This is a Wish that many Players have wanted, and now it can be granted thanks to Warner Brother Studios and their new movie Shorts!


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