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AdventureQuest Worlds: Dueling Dragons

These Dragons are Armed to the Fangs!


You make choices everyday in the world of Lore. You choose whether to side with Good or Evil. You choose which NPC to help and which monster to slay. You choose to help out in wars or watch them devour the towns affected. You choose your hairstyle, eye color, and outfit for the day. You are also choosing to read this on-going paragraph when you already know the point to this blurb given the first sentence (whoops)!

Another choice is about to be made in AdventureQuest Worlds ( ). In the Frozen Northlands-you know, the zone released last week-Nythera has a plan to defeat Queen Aisha’s reign of frozen terror. And with every plan, you usually have a Plan A and a Plan B- since it’s always good to have at least 2 when the first one inevitably blows up in your face! Nythera’s plans are no different, so it’s up to you to choose which one is best suited for you in order to defeat the Ice Queen Aisha… without having to respawn a million times before giving up and throwing a can of Mountain Dew at your monitor.

Plan A requires unyielding strength with no signs of mercy. Brute force dominates all, you say? I like the way you think! In order to break into Queen Aisha’s Fortress, you will need to harness a power greater than both magic and strength combined… a power known as Chaos. It is risky, yes, but without the aid of Chaos Gemeralds, you will have no chance at stopping Aisha’s reign. When broken apart, the Gemeralds will deposit Chaos into the one responsible, making them incredibly powerful and unstoppable. With this great power comes a greater consequence: whoever harnesses the amazing Chaos power will eventually turn into Chaos themselves… talk about a double-edged sword (…that’s a really good idea for a new weapon)!


Plan B takes a different route, metaphorically and literally. Sneaking through the back gate to the Queen’s Fortress is a wise decision, since you won’t have to poke too many Dragons while they’re sleeping. We call it the “element” of surprise (I thought of that all by myself). However, there is a Cipher on the gate that needs to be decoded in order to enter. Intelligence and Wisdom plays a huge role in this Plan, so eat a good breakfast before you start this quest. Gather hints from chilly monsters that will clue you in on how to solve the Cipher at the back gate. You will have to find clues to the 4-rune order, and then a fifth clue to decode the combination in order to sneak in undetected! (Hint: you will be searing for a tablet known as the Rosetta Rune.)

If everything goes according to plan (which hardly ever does), you and Nythera will encounter Aisha for a final bout known as a snowdown (showdown… snowdown, lol!). If you can’t talk the Queen out of her cold-hearted plan of freezing the world of Lore over, then you will have to fight Her Majesty until she admits defeat. Rumor has it that the Queen is a dragon herself, so you might need a bit more than brawn and brain to take down this cold-hearted witch!

According to DragonFable lore ( ), Nythera is an apprentice to Warlic the Blue Mage and has a secret power hidden within her. Just like her counterpart Queen Aisha, Nythera has the special ability to transform into a dragon. If you cannot defeat Aisha by yourself, then Nythera will have no choice but to take Aisha on. Woah… two huge dragons battling it out in an enclosed icy fortress? Going head-to-head, claw-to-claw, fang-to-fang? This sounds incredibly unsafe. And incredibly epic. Hopefully it will never come to this…


Wanna find out more about this week’s upcoming release and read about future plans? Buff your Int Stats with a trip to the AQW Design Notes ( )!

Battle On and Bundle Up!
Beleen and the AQW Team

As always, WarCry offers its grateful appreciation for the continuing series of dev diaries provided by the Artix folks! You ROCK!

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