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Artix Entertainment: Happy Mogloween!


Artix Entertainment is spreading Halloween cheer and fear across every game. Check out what’s happening in YOUR favorite Artix game: AdventureQuest, AdventureQuest Worlds, DragonFable or MechQuest! Keep reading!

Artix Entertainment: Happy Mogloween!

A holiday season to squash all others…


The nights are getting longer. The weather’s getting cooler. And players are often seen hunting by the moonlight. This can only mean one thing: Mogloween is upon us! Mogloween is a costume-themed pumpkin-inspired spooky holiday celebrated in October all across Lore. Candy, ghosts, ghouls, jack-o-lanterns, and costumes are just a few of the things that make this holiday one of Artix Entertainment’s favorites! Mogloween is celebrated in each of our games in its own unique way. Holidays don’t last forever-so log in now and become a part of Mogloween 2009 history!

AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG ( )

Tricks and Treats!

The eerie town of Mystcroft has magically reappeared, bringing back all of your favorite holiday characters. The Queen of Vampires, Safiria, is in the middle of town, supplying Mogloween Trick-or-Treaters with seasonal rare costumes, helms, and weapons! The Cauldron Sisters cannot wait to make their famous candy for the heroes of Lore… and reward amazing costumes to those who have helped in the process! And what Mogloween would be complete without the things that go bump in the night? Have your revenge against Ghostly Sheets, Jack-O-Dooms, mutant Moglinsters, and even the Great Pumpkin King!


DragonFable RPG ( )

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

The Cauldron Sisters-Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble-made their first appearance during Mogloween 2007… and have returned to Amityvale right on schedule! Everyone knows that the Sisters make the best candy in all of Lore. But it seems that some problems have arisen, and a little monster known as Greed is to blame! Travel to the hauntingly beautiful city of Amityvale to embark on seasonal quests that will literally send you trick or treating all over Lore. While you are visiting, make sure to get your hands on unique Mogloween costumes and novelty helms, provided by the Cauldron Sisters for a limited time!


MechQuest RPG ( )

A Mecha Mogloween

Nothing shows the Mogloween holiday spirit better than pumpkin-wielding headless horsemen Mecha! Travel to Planet Mortis and uncover the true meaning of Mogloween. Explore mountains, woods, and cemeteries as you fight your way through edible-ammo dropping Moglo-Mecha such as the Zombie and Phantom models! Head to the Vampire planet of Necryptos and engage in a double dose of horror for this most frightful holiday season. And don’t forget to stock up on seasonal Mogloween rares before they too return to the graveyard!


AdventureQuest RPG ( )

The Origins of Mogloween

Originating in 2003, Mogloween became one of the most highly anticipated holidays in Lore. For one week in October, AdventureQuest throws a grand Mogloween festival! Mutant Moglinsters patrol the lands, adding to the overall fright factor of the already spooky holiday. Players can Trick or Treat at other Player houses and fill their inventory bags with all sorts of seasonal prizes. Just like in real life, you are out to collect as much candy as possible! At the end of Mogloween, trade in the candy for amazing seasonal costumes and weapons-this is the only way to get your hands on rare items like the Beast King Jammies and Corpse Cannon weapon!


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