Artix Entertainment: Roc ‘n’ Roll

According to the latest developer journal from Artix Entertainment, the Second Chaos Beast is set to return. Rock Roc has escaped and it’s up to AdventureQuest Worlds players to put him back in his place. Keep reading!

Artix Entertainment: Roc ‘n Roll!

The Second Chaos Beast Awakens!

Master of the skies, the Roc is an enormous legendary Chaos Beast once thought to be extinct. Recent discoveries made by the Heroes of the online MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds ( ) have proved otherwise. The next Lord of Chaos, Vath, has desperately been trying to free this Beast from its prison for over a month now. And he is about to succeed. This weekend, our Heroes will watch in horror as the ferocious Rock Roc takes to the skies above Dwarfhold Mountains. An aerial assault is an effective way of grounding the Rock Roc… but the only thing big enough to take on such a creature is Vath’s dragon, Stalagbite! For the first time ever, our Heroes will control Stalagbite through the heavens of Lore while engaging in combat against the Rock Roc!


The battle against the Rock Roc will occur in two phases: Phase 1 being a Mini-Game and Phase 2 being head-to-head combat. The first Phase will allow our Heroes to fly on the back of the massive dragon, Stalagbite, as they try to take down the Rock Roc without being taken down themselves. The Mouse controls the movements and abilities of Stalagbite: moving the mouse in any direction will move, speed up, or slow down the dragon; a left mouse click will shoot a fireball; holding down the left button ignites a flame; moving to the bottom on the screen will allow the dragon to run on the ground and gobble up Drow Archers to replenish Health. Once weakened, the Rock Roc will fall from the sky and our Heroes will have to take it on MMORPG style-brute force mixed with magic and real-time combat!


As if taking down a massively foul Fowl isn’t dangerous enough, Dwarves have declared War against the Drow who have conquered their homeland! Dwarfhold Mountains belong to the Dwarves and our Heroes must do everything in their power to see that their home is returned! But Wars are no picnics; the Drow have called their comrades to battle as well! Taking down Chaos Draconians amongst the Drow is not going to be an easy task, especially since Vath’s most trusted general, D’wain Jonsen the King Scorpion Lord, is leading the crusade! Will our Heroes stand a chance? There is only one way to find out…


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