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Artix Entertainment: SAVE CHUCKLES!


This week the plea comes from the Adventure Quest Worlds developer, Artix Entertainment, to SAVE CHUCKLES! Find out how and about all the other good stuff going on in Artix games below:

The 1st Lord of Chaos
Last week, players of the online MMO AdventureQuest Worlds ( ) got their first glimpse at Escherion, the 1st Lord of Chaos. We have a peculiar feeling that staff of his is actually a flying eyeball that is just sitting there-looking all staff like-pretending to fool us with its “I am just an innocent little eyeball staff… do not look (back) at me!” gaze. What we do know, however, is that Escherion has the power to invert anything.


He inverted the town of Mobius, flipping houses inside-out and did terrible things with their color schemes. We battled his forces on location before moving onto the Faerie forest where he apparently gave all the sneevils (our box obsessed goblinoid monsters) chainsaws and taught them how to make “trunks” from the trees. Adding to the chaos and destruction, Escherion did unspeakable things to the stone structures within the Ruins (talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place). And now, he sits in his inverted tower which hovers above the lake…. sending endless waves of his minions to search… for something.


We have added quests starting at Zio the Illusionist and Reen the Rune Warrior. The story spans the entire Chaos Valley, and this week we find a way to sneak into the inverted Tower of Relativity! The Ruins was only available to Members for the past two weeks, but it will be open to everyone once we release the tower that contains new cut-scenes, new items and…prepare yourself…the first CHAOS LORD BATTLE evar (coming soon)!

Cinco De Mayo

This week we celebrated Cinco De Mayo with a special shop that offered items including: Mariachi Armor, Maracas, a Sombrero, a HUGE Sombrero and an awesome Piñata pet which has a leak… lol… oh yes, it looks like it is doing something terrible when it walks. And we just cannot stop laughing!

Save Chuckles!

Do not let the laughter die… again. Who was he, you ask? He was the funniest man who ever lived. He had one dream… to tell the funniest joke ever. And he did. It was a killer joke! He LOL’d himself right into the grave… but it did not stop there. The joke was so funny that even death could not stop him from laughing!


As the world’s most hysterical skeleton, Chuckles soon found work as Sepulchure the DoomKnight’s Jester… and occasionally baby-sat for him on the weekends. Hey, 5 gold and hour is 5 gold an hour! He was Gravelyn’s one and only child-hood friend (Wow, that explains a lot). It was all laughs and giggles until that one fateful day when Sepulchure and King Alteon clashed swords to determine the fate of our world. Drakath appeared out of nowhere and unleashed the power of Chaos. Chuckles laughed; we are not exactly sure why, but that is just sorta what he does. Drakath destroyed him on the spot with little more than a glance. (Dooom… Dooom Dooom!)


Despite popular belief, there are multiple kinds of “being dead.” First, there is being dead. Then there is being dead, dead. And it is said when you kill an undead… it is dead, dead, dead. Like… really, really dead. There is just no coming back from that point. But we must find a way. We must… SAVE CHUCKLES!

Mother’s Day

Sunday we are paying tribute to the Mothers of our incredible gamers. In addition to releasing some new items to get you into Mother’s Day spirit (a Fairy godmother pet, a bouquet of flowers, and.. [smirk]… a golden rolling pin) we are also making a special card that our procrastination-prone players can print out and give on Sunday. There is also a killer animated version Check my design notes at for a huge list of terrible and/or dangerous Mother’s Day gifts and activities.

Battle on!
Artix & the friendly AE Team

P.S. The rumors about entering the Konami Code on the homepage are true.

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