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Artix Entertainment: Super Bowl Happenings


Artix Entertainment, based in Land O’Lakes, Florida, has developed several free browser-based games. The Artix Entertainment developer journals here on WarCry feature news and exclusive information about AdventureQuest, AdventureQuestWorlds, MechQuest and DragonFable. Find out what’s new in your favorite game!

Happening now….

Greetings and salutations! This weekend is the Super Bowl. It is physically taking place just up the road from us here in Florida. Caught up in the excitement of the local community setting up for the big event, we wanted to do something special too. So in the MMO, we are opening a special “rare event” shop at Half Time. There will be items including the Spiked Grid Iron Helm of Death, a referee Moglin (You can always blame the score on him), and great rare items that any obsessed fan would want to slay monsters for the glory of their favored team. (Too bad PVP is not ready yet.. or this could have been REALLY interesting! At least we will know how to outdo ourselves next year.)


Editor’s Note: It’s obvious who the Artix folks are rooting for, isn’t it? Note the BRIGHT RED for the Cardinals and the boring gray of the Steelers…and that’s just how it should be. Now, back to our developer journal…

We have incredible releases coming in all of the games this week, here is the inside scoop…

AdventureQuest Worlds MMO


The Inquisitors are a group of Knights dedicated to the eradication of all magic in the world. At the end of Part 1, the Grand Inquistor was summoning an unspeakable beast of destruction. Part 2 will be released on Friday! Gather your friends and prepare for a Boss fight. Victory will allow you to deck your character out in the armors of the Inquisitor Knights.

Next week… Castle Swordhaven opens with the story starting cutscene to rule them all! The main villain of the game and your character’s destiny will be revealed!

Play now at:



The beautiful half-dragon sorceress Nythera slew her master and incurred the wrath of the Elemental Lords. We battled for a week as the unyielding forces of the Elemental Lords destroyed our home town of Falconreach. In the end… we learned a terrifying secret about Warlic and our town was completely destroyed. We have set up tents and are starting to rebuild and need your help. (What do new players think when they log into the charred ruins of our city with tents where the shops used to be?) You should come see this for yourself. You can also play the story to see what happened including the KILLER cutscenes.

Play now at: Http://



Universo is the largest mecha EVER created. He is so big that you have to use your mech to pilot a BIGGER mech just to battle him. Universo is so big that we broke Flash trying to create him. You get to try to blow him up in the exciting boss fight and minigame that will be release on Friday!

Play now at: Http://

AdventureQuest (Original)

This week in AQ is a big one! The Dragonslayer Class is reborn, with all new art, several new abilities, and updated class training which features 6 new quests-within-a-quest, including 2 new boss Dragons! Also, the Tendril Plater armors arrive in Valencia’s Z-Token shop, and a new defense/attack interface comes to the Paxian clans!

Play now at: Http://



If you use facebook, we invite you to become a fan of AQ, DF, MQ, or AQWorlds. Miko, our newest team member created these new fan pages last week. She did a really good job on them, they are pretty cool. We are going to do some special updates there and next we are re-releasing a special version of Moglin Punter as a facebook application. Here is a link to the main Artix Entertainment page – you can get to all the game fan pages from here:



Another exciting project we are working on is our first artbook! Johnny Atomic from Johnny Atomic studios is working with Warlic and Thyton on the MechQuest Artbook. It even includes a section on how to draw Mecha by Thyton! I will post you some sneak peak pages for you as soon as I can wrestle the files away from them!
Battle on!

Artix, Galanoth, Cysero, Warlic and the AE Team

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