The writing cackles with almost audible glee. Artix Entertainment has sent over the latest developer journal celebrating a Friday the 13th AND Valentine’s Day hot on its heels. See what’s happening in Artix worlds below! You will not be sorry!

Greetings and salutations friends!

This hardly ever happens… Valentine’s Day AND Friday the 13th, so close together. And the most amazing thing of all is that this is also the biggest, most important AQWorlds update yet!

We have incredible releases coming in all of the games this week, here is the inside scoop…

AdventureQuest Worlds MMO


The real beginning of AQWorlds is here! Swordhaven has been under attack from the Undead for months now! That would normally be quite worrisome… but now that YOU, the hero of our story, have arrived, surely everything will be just fine for our good King Alteon!

As the Doom Knight Sepulchure and King Alteon engage in the ultimate battle of good versus evil, you fight your way through Swordhaven and the embattled castle! But the outcome of this battle will be something no one could have expected! The full force of the AQWorlds storyline will crash down and nothing will be able to withstand it. The fate of the world will firmly be in YOUR hands by the time the dust settles!

Play now at: Http://



Hero’s Heart Day Vs. Friday the 13th!

This Valentine’s Day, Dragonfable’s celebration of love returns with a twist! The Vampire master of Doomwood, Lord Frydae XIII and Big Daddy,the cerubic head of Snuggle-Grams Inc. face off in a battle to the finish that will leave you saying…

..”Awww, how CUTE!”…

Lord Frydae XIII is sick of Big Daddy painting parts of Doomwood pink, he’s sick of Big Daddy making a fortune off the broken hearted (without giving him a cut) and he is SICK of LOVE! He’s decided to take the fight to Big Daddy, and you won’t believe the secret weapons that Big Daddy has in store for the vampire lord!

Play last year’s Hero’s Heart Day celebration then continue on to this year’s special holiday event! Earn Tokens of Affection to buy the holiday rares including 2 new holiday pets and introducing the first Dragonlord only trinket with an On-Activation effect!


Be one the first to equip this new rare item and wield its power!

Also this week: Zeuster has another task for you as you continue helping the chickencow god in exchange for learning the secrets of the bacon element!

Visit Dragonfable this weekend and join in the holiday fun!

Play now at: Http://



It’s starting to smell like love is in the air… Oh wait a minute, that’s Soluna’s hottest dating game, Blind Quest! This year’s Hero’s Heart Special will feature a special guest contestant who wants YOUR help…. Wilhelm Voltabolt has won a date with the powerful superhero, Starstorm. He wants YOU to help him write poetry to win the her heart! Watch out! Wilhelm’s temper seems to be a little bit unstable… so your poems had better be great! This new quest features our super advanced Poetry Generator Algorithm!

Play now at: Http://

AdventureQuest (Original)

AdventureQuest celebrates the holiday with the return of SnuggleFest! Take on 8 missions for BattleOn’s NPCs to become their “Hero”, and unlock a special quest to help the Blacksmith’s apprentice Hans impress his crush, pet shop owner Aria!


PLUS: For weeks now, Warlic the Archmage has been fading in and out of existence. The reason has been hidden… until now! The time is NOW for you to go FORTH <—- to the Past! Note: A robot chicken was harmed in the making of this quest.

PLUS…PLUS: Join in on the boss battles and rewards for the Rise of Absolix war event!

Play now at: Http://

Whew!! 7 big updates across 4 games! See if you can play ALL of this weekend’s new releases! And 2009 is just getting started!

Battle on!
Galanoth, Artix Cysero, Warlic and the AE Team

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