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Artix Entertainment: The Arrival of the Arachnomancer


Arachnomancer 101

Necromancers are sooo overrated. Who can’t control the undead nowadays? It seems as though everyone is ready for a zombie apocalypse… but no one has prepared for an arachnid invasion …until now! <dramatic announcer voice> Enter the Arachnomancer, making its first ever appearance on the “web” based (get it?!) MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds ( )! Harness the power of spiders and many other creepy crawlies that scurry across Lore! While you’re at it, strike fear into your opponents’ eyes and totally gross out your sister!


Spin in this Friday when the brand-new-highly-anticipated-somewhat-creepy Arachnomancer armor hatches from its cocoon (cocoons hatch, right?) in the mysterious valley of… um, well, it has no name, since no one has ever survived long enough to remember…! Swarming with giant blade-wielding Dreadspiders and crawling creepies, what place could possibly be better to harness the prowess of Arachnomancer!?



No matter how many times you stomp on those pesky pests with cleats, douse them with toxic spray, and torch them with flamethrowers, they never EVER seem to die. (Just how high is their HP?!) The mad scientists of AQW have discovered the secret insect-element responsible for their amazing nuclear-war-surviving power… and have somehow harnessed it into brand new items! Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in town for the newest foe-squashing weapons and armors-all themed accordingly! You can’t miss him; he’s the fast-talking, rare item-hunting Moglin standing atop a giant treasure chest surrounded by eager customers! Remember, you never know when his inventory will run out, or if these items will ever come back… so make sure you are ready to pounce come Friday! (Do spiders really pounce? Is “spring” a better word choice? Or do they bound? Skip? Pirouette? …I’ve confused myself and have gone waaaay off topic in the process!)

Player Suggestion Shop!

A new shipment of player suggestion weapons, helms, and armors are spawning at the end of the week (the postal office must LOVE dealing with all these packages)! As you have probably guessed by now, “player suggestion items” are a calibration of ideas that players have submitted via the forums ( http://www. ). Because our weekly releases are heavily based off player suggestions, we think it’s necessary to implement your brilliant art ideas in game! As of right now, 12 masterpieces crafted by your fellow players are available for purchase. We plan on adding at least 7 more weapons and armors to this shop by Friday… and how awesome would it be to see your every own sword featured in game!?

Reliving Friday the 13th one paragraph at a time

What luck! Three Friday the 13th’s in one year! Last week (er, well, last Friday), 27,000 of your fellow players were greeted by the amazing musical artist Voltaire as he performed in the middle of Battleon. The concert was amazing! Everyone began singing along with Voltaire’s AQW rendition of “Day of the Dead!” Whoa… a song dedicated to the heroes of Lore? How awesome is that!? Hey, don’t take our word on it; find out for yourself!


Even though Friday the 13th has passed (with our luck somewhat intact), you can still participate in the unlucky festivities! Voltaire is performing in Battleon every hour on the hour for the duration of the event! Be sure to talk to him after the concert and ask for an autograph. This unlocks a special Friday the 13th Achievement badge found in your Book of Lore and even on your character page! Congrats on surviving another Friday the 13th… unless you are a zombie who happens to be reading this… in which case you MIGHT have bigger problems to deal with.


Blaring amplifiers, special FX, skeletal mariachi bands, and Gypsy pirate music not your thing? You might be more comfortable embarking on our first-ever destructible island map quest! Speak to Deady, Voltaire’s extraterrestrial homicidal teddy bear, for a mission that will send you through Skullpunch Island, lopping down trees and destroying rustic buildings in the process. Hunt for Voltaire’s legendary Top Hat that the indigenous skeletons of Skullpunch have stolen!


Did I forget to mention you’ll be dressed in a giant Deady mascot costume? Well… you’re gonna be dressed in a giant Deady mascot costume! This is the only armor suitable for such a dastardly quest. When you finally find the Top Hat… something goes horribly wrong-this was released on Friday the 13th after all! Slay the beastie to get an equipable Skeleton Key that will unlock Deady’s Treasure Chest full of unlucky weapons and pets! Don’t worry… these pets have befallen enough bad luck that being cramped inside a dark, musky treasure chest is the LEAST of their problems. This event will ONLY last until Friday so make sure to get the gear while the gettin’s good.

Buff your INT Stats with up-to-date spoilers found in Artix’s, Cysero’s, and Beleen’s design notes ( )!

Battle On!
Beleen and the AQW Team

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