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Artix Entertainment: The Fire War Saga


The latest offering from Artix Entertainment focuses on DragonFable and the extinction of Akroloth…but the continuation of the Fire War. Find out what exactly is going on after the jump.

The Fire War Saga Intensifies

When you play with fire, someone is bound to get burned…


Each day that passes is a day closer to extinguishing the forces behind the Fire War. Once thought that the Great Red Dragon, Akriloth, was the sole force behind the War, players of the online RPG DragonFable ( banded together last week to take him down. Even though Akriloth was mad with power and a tough brute to kill, the Fire War continues on, begging the question: Who is really behind this war?

Determined on finding an answer behind this madness, the brave warrior Demento heads towards the fiery battlefield in hopes of finding the one person who might know: Konnan. Once a Blacksmithing apprentice, Konnan disappeared right before the Fire War began which is the only reason Demento seeks him out. Rumor has it that Konnan is in cahoots with Xan, who can best be described as an insane, ultra-powerful pyromancer. This weekend, players will put an end to the rumors and speculation, finding out for once and for all who is a friend… and who the true enemy is.


During the intense War, players will be thrilled-and horrified-at the newest additions on the battlefield. Due to player request, AdventureQuest-inspired monsters have appeared, accurately described as fiery fiends! The field is flooded with horrid beasts ranging from Fire Golems to Fire Eaters, and even Fire Manta Rays (nothing is too bizarre for DragonFable)! The Fire War is only suitable for the most daring heroes-and someone has to make the ultimate sacrifice for the world of Lore!


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DragonFable is a free, browser-based Role Playing Game built in Flash. It features a traditional fantasy environment with a completely original plot and outline that is inspired by player feedback. DragonFable prides itself in its extremely customizable characters and is updated weekly with new weapons, armors, quests, features, and… some really weird stuff… continually added by the friendly Team!

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