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Artix Entertainment: Twas a “Fowl” Day


AdventureQuest Worlds: A “fowl” day for Turdrakens!

Feasts, Foes, Fowls, and Food Fights!

As you may already know, weekly releases happen every Friday in AdventureQuest Worlds ( ). But since Thanksgiving comes midweek (and we still haven’t caught a Turdraken), this week’s release has been bumped to Wednesday! (5 days of work in only 72 hours? Can it be done?!). Log in now and join the festivities of Lore’s second annual Harvest Feast-since, after all, AQWorlds has only been around for one year! The weather is getting colder. The nights are getting longer. And hybrid holiday entrees are strewn across the land! Hack, slash, and devour your way through countless buffets of pun-laden monsters, such as the Grapes of Wrath, Turdrakens, and Butter Bomb Turkeys!


Now that you understand the true meaning of Harvest, you’re still left wondering just what a “Turdraken” is (pictured above). A Turdraken is basically a mutant Turkey-Drake creature… in other words, it tastes just like chicken! This “fowl” beast is actually a fantasy spoof on a REAL-and equally frightening-entrée known as a Turducken. A Turducken is acquired when you cook a chicken inside a duck that is inside a turkey. You can thank John Madden for bringing this monstrosity to our attention!


Missed out on the first Harvest? No problem-you can still get a hold of Seasonal Rare Items that were released last season along with brand new Harvest armors! Aaaand it gets better: after completing the Harvest quests, you can partake in a festive food-fight against your friends! Or, if you wish stay sweet-potato-casserole-free, you can always embark in a festive-food scavenger hunt. This is the time for giving thanks after all… and we are trying our best to do just that!

Black Friday!

Following the Harvest festival is a day unlike any other: it’s the one and only Black Friday! Retailers nationwide bunker down for this legendary day while arming themselves with oversized marshmallows (leftover from the sweet potato casserole) in hopes of surviving the stampede of coffee-fueled over-night-camping shoppers (does this mean the shops are spawn-camped?!) Since retailers do this event every year… we couldn’t think of a better time for us to start!


Early birds listen up! Start off by visiting the Beast Warrior Beleen in Battleon where you can be first-in-line to experience the 2009 Black Friday Shop! Adorn yourself in black-dyed armors and weapons, and you’ll be surprised to find that some of the items are 1/2 off… literally! Apparently the Mad Weaponsmith Cysero misunderstood the meaning of “half-off”… Don’t worry, though; I’m sure half of a sword works just as well as a fully intact one…right?
But there is more! According to this Beast Warrior slash Fashion Guru, Pink IS the new Black… so Beleen has stocked the shop in her favorite pink armors, helms, and even a Rare chinchilla pet (it’s basically a ball of fur…with a tail)! This shop will only be available until her inventory runs out… or when she collapses due to caffeine deprivation… whichever comes first… so make haste to Battleon!


For even more Black Friday spirit, if you are out shopping and happen to stumble upon an AdventureQuest Worlds upgrade card, you totally want to pick one up! By redeeming this gaming card on Friday, November 27th, you will receive Cole, the special Black Friday Gift Wrapping Moglin in-game pet! That sure is a mouthful, but this little guy is totally worth every syllable! Get Cole this Friday-but please don’t try to eat him! I hope your Agility Skill is maxed out ‘cuz he will only be available during this special event!

Battle On and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Artix, Beleen, Cysero, and the AQW Team

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