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Artix Entertainment, based out of *coughs* Land O’Lakes, Florida, is a leading developer of browser-based, free-to-play online games such as Mech Quest, Adventure Quest Worlds and others. WarCry proudly features a weekly developer journal from these good people to keep fans up to date on what’s happening. Find out what’s new this week below!


“Free, fully animated, continuiously expanding RPGs that you play in your web browser.”

Brand new Game releases: 1st week of December 2008

Greetings and salutations friends!

It is December and whilst my neighbors start their yearly Christmas light arms-race, the Game Masters and I have started busily decorating our games for the snowy Holiday season. For six years we have created heartwarming holiday tales revolving around the cuddly Moglins of Frostvale and the vicious man eating monsters that try to steal, corrupt, eat, zombify or blow them up. You may remember our legendary battles against Frosty the Snow Golem, Sandy Claus, the Frostwyrm and his 8 evil ReignDragons…. or perhaps you were one of the ones who shed a tear at the end of the truly epic DragonFable quest where you had to sacrifice your entire inventory to save a town of defenseless friends. Personally, I feel bad about the time I exorcized the ghosts of Frostvale Past, Present and Future last year… so in the future, please speak up before my undead slaying axe starts swinging. This year promises to be our most interesting ever… because we have FOUR games up and running with new content being added every week!

I really like the way DragonFable’s holiday quests are structured. That is… your progress through the holidays is saved. So if you participated in our holiday events the previous years, you will immediatley be able to access the new storyline when it starts. If you missed out on the previous years events you can play streamlined versions of the quests and see all of the crazy things the other players did — then jump into the new storyline with us. If you are new to the game, it is going to be a blast!

The AdventureQuest Worlds MMO is only a month and a few weeks old. It is insane that we threw Halloween and Thanksgiving special events on top of building new functionality and all of the other content. For the December holidays we are going to release presents. You will be able to pick them up… there is a weapon shaped one, a pet shaped one, a hat shaped one and a HUUUUGE one that no one knows what is inside. On New Years night the presents will magically open revealing the contents inside. Until then… you can still use them! Although you may look a little goofy wielding and wearing boxes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this behind the scenes developer notes. Be sure to check the design notes on for my daily updates on what we are working on next.
Battle on!


P.S. Here is what the Game Masters are releasing for you this week….


“Quest alongside your friends in a anything goes fantasy MMO that plays in your web browser.” – Artix

image image

The Inquisitors are a group of mage hunters bent on destroying all magic in the world. They will do anything to achieve their magic eradicating goal. Join us this week as we investigate this potential threat. This new questing area will feature the largest explorable map we have ever released in AQWorlds. Also…. the moglins of Frostvale are bringing presents to town… there are a few with your name on it.

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“Embark on an epic tale of adventure with your faithful dragon as you battle your way through the world of Lore, facing some of the deadliest, strangest and funniest monsters ever imagined.” – Cysero


The war against Aisha’s Ice Dragon Army nears its finale, as every hero from Falconreach has joined the battle to save Dragesvard from certain destruction. Once Aisha’s army has been defeated, only Aisha, queen of the ice elves herself, stands between you and the Elemental Orb of Ice from which she draws her power. Do you have the sill and the skill to take it from her?

Meanwhile in the iceberg city of Dragesvard, Galanoth has finally decided to open the ranks of the Dragonslayers to you. He’s found out that some dragons have taken some of his fondest childhood memories and decided to gamble with them! Recover his lost family herilooms and he will unlock the powers of the DRAGONSLAYER CLASS to you!

Finally, don’t miss out as we expand our player housing, adding new upgrade houses with 2 more fully customizable rooms, and TONS of new, swanky, funny and (in some cases) stinky items to decorate your house with!


“Pilot giant armed to the teeth robots on dangerous missions including pizza delivery, werewolf hunting and saving the world from the unstoppable Shadowcythe invaders.” – Warlic

image image

This Wednesday we are releasing an explorable Mechtropolis zone. Selina (the super-cute, super-genius mecha inventor) on the superhero planet, Zargon has intercepted an encoded transmission and traced it back to the Arachnid’s secret base! Arachnid once fought for justice until he came under the control of the evil Dr. Boltavolt’s Hypno Beam! Go there to help free the Arachnid from Boltavolt’s control. There you will find out more about Boltavolt’s secret project, Universo! This walkaround zone will expand with future Zargon releases and yes… you will be able to fly if you possess a supersuit.


“Battle thousands of monsters and collect the perfect combination of rare and powerful items on your way to fame, fortune and glory!” – Galanoth


While superhero mechas run wild 5000 years ago in MechQuest, and ice queens transform into titanic dragons 5 years ago in DragonFable, the modern-day world of Lore has a threat to overcome that tops them all! Well, they want you to THINK it tops them all, anyway. The Misfit Monster Gang is on a mission to be the biggest bullies in the land!

Can you teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget? PLUS: Guardian Gift Boxes are available in the Guardian Tower! Get these nicely wrapped boxes now– When the New Year begins they will open up to reveal the rare and powerful items within!

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