AdventureQuest Worlds: The Yokai Chaos Beast Showdown!

The Five Legendary Shrines of Yokai Island, along with a massive Chaos Yokai Monster

Stopping Chaos Lord Kitsune will not be easy. And from the looks of things, it is nearly time for the final bout between Player and Insanely Overpowered Boss. For the past few weeks (and by weeks I mean months), the Heroes of the online MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds ( have fought through waves of Yokai monsters that inhabit-you guessed it-Yokai Island. This weekend, however, you will come face-to-skull with the great Chaos Yokai Beast, O-dokuro.


The only way to reach the Chaos Lord and O-dokuro is to pass through the 4 Shrines, which just so happen to be laden with aggro Yokai and quest-hungry NPCs. Last week, you traveled to the first two Shrines on the Island and helped Princess Miko restore tranquility, more or less. East of the Hatchiko Hotel lies a lush Bamboo Forest, home to many Yokai big and small. And guess what-this was where the First Yokai Shrine was located! You traveled through the forest and found the legendary Jinmenju Tree, made famous for its Human-Faced Fruit. Fighting off the rambunctious Tanuki and the dreaded SoulTaker took time and skill, but at least you were awarded with bundles of Gold and Experience. And some pretty awesome monster drops!


If you survived long enough to make it through the Bamboo Forest (which you probably did, seeing as to how you are reading this right now), you found yourself at the Second Yokai Shrine, home to the Tsukumo-Gami. This zone is a safe haven to forgotten, tossed-out Yokai and the fabled Mountain Hag named Onibaba. Success through this trash heap brought an assortment of brand new weapons, helms, pets and armors… and it was a lot of fun giving a whole new meaning to “dumpster diving!”
Coming this weekend… explore the next Shrines (yay!). The first new Shrine is located on a pristine river bank, thriving with aquatic Yokai. Fight Teenage Mutant Ninja Kappas and the Funa-yurei, who are skeletal phantoms that have drowned at sea (or, in this case, at the river’s edge). If you are lucky enough to avoid the same fate bestowed on the Funa-yurei, a fight against Nure Onna is unavoidable. Nure Onna-literally translated to “wet woman” in Japanese-is a half snake, half woman beast who preys off travelers much like yourself.


Defeating Nure Onna is the only way to gain access to the Hashi Hime bridge, guarded by a Maiden in which the bridge is named after. Travel across said bridge and meet a new NPC, Hashi Hime, who is the Bridge Princess (go figure!). In Japanese lore, Hashi Hime is a lonely spirit who breaks couples up-essentially an anti-cupid. Convincing her that the “relationship” between Chaos Lord Kitsune and the Yokai needs to come to an end is the only way she will grant you passage (and allow you to watch an awesome cutscene!).


Journey to the next Shrine across the bridge, full of bones and eerie things-a graveyard, more or less. There you will meet the NPC Neko Mata, a cat-like spirit with a forked tail. This sly feline needs you to fight Skello Kitties and the Nopperabo ninja and samurai who patrol the lands. But something isn’t quite right with Neko Mata… granted, a talking forked-tailed cat is not normal to begin with, but something else is off… waaay off…

Regardless, helping this kitty is the only way to gain access to the next and final Shrine (and we have reason to believe that a huge Boss is just waiting on the other side)!

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Battle On!
Artix, Beleen, Cysero, and the AQW Team

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