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Artix Entertainment:And to All the Good Knights


AdventureQuest Worlds: Happy Frostval to All, and to All the Good Knights!

Joy to the world of Lore, Frostval has come!


This is truly a December to remember! With Frostval festivities strewn across Lore, the Heroes of AdventureQuest Worlds ( ) are busily fighting off cold-hearted Queens, massive Frost Dragons, and a blizzard of snow monsters in the Frozen Northlands (who are awaiting their chilly doom)! But since the eve of Frostval is only a few days away, everyone has laid their weapons to /rest to begin preparations for the holiday season: gifts are wrapped; trees are festooned with lights; and snowball fights are currently underway!
And what Frostval would be complete without the famous tale of Frostval past? …Whaaaaaat? You’re telling me that you have never ever read ‘Twas the Knight before Frostval? What kind of stories have you been reading about this gift-giving moglin-laden holiday, then?!

No worries, young Hero-this week’s new release will let you relive this ancient tale of olde… metaphorically AND literally. We don’t want to ruin too many surprises… well, maybe just a little… since this IS the season for sharing and giving (spoilers), after all!

Head to the town of Frostvale (FrostVAL is the holiday… FrostVALE is the town, get it?) and speak with Major Moglin, who just so happens to be the King of Frostvale. He wants to share his favorite story with you… but it just so happens that the book has been destroyed and the pages are scattered about Lore! I’ll give you one guess as to who has to go find the missing pages… that’s right: YOU.



A completely original story passed down through Moglin generations, ‘Twas the Knight before Frostval tells a tale of holiday /cheer, a villainous creature by the name of Santy Claws, and the true meaning of this magical season. (And it rhymes, too!) As you find more pages of the story, new zones, new monsters, new adventures, and new items will become available to ring in the holiday spirit!


Child’s Play

The gift that keeps on giving

For the past couple of years, we were able to actually be sponsors of Child’s Play, a great charity set up by the guys over at Penny Arcade that brings the gamer community together to help kids in children’s hospitals all over the world. This year… we’ve decided to try something a little different. We printed up this high-gloss, 24″ X 30 3/4″ poster of XAN, on foam-core and got as many of the AE Team to sign it as we could with a lustrous metallic sharpie.


There is only 1 of these in the entire world, and it could be YOURS! 100% of the profit from the auction will go directly to Child’s Play so not only will you get a one-of-a-kind collectible BUT you’re also giving to help out some sick kids! Do whatever you can to show the world what we already know… that Artix Entertainment fans are the best fans on Earth. Even if you don’t win the poster, Child’s Play could use your help! Wanna find out more? Check out the Design Notes by clicking this link right here!

Celebrate Frostval with your friends and family… and, of course, us! This is the most wonderful time of the year, and your friendly bundled-up AdventureQuest Worlds’ team is doing everything in our power to make it as such. Continue your never-ending adventures at!

Happy Frostval to all, and to all the good knights!
Artix, Beleen, and the AE Team!

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