Asherons Call: A Special Thanks from the Weapons Editor


These folks have done a fine job in sending me stuff to add to our database! I personally thank each one of these fine individuals for supporting our continuing efforts to bring you the best information about Asheron’s Call.

I still need a TON of icons for the weapons that are currently in the database as well as pictures of people modelling the weapons we don’t have pictures of.

Please remember to send FULL stats of weapons you are submitting, either in the image or in the text of your e-mail.

Please send me jpeg or gif files, as they are smaller and easier to download. I will take care of editing them! ;o)

DO NOT send me images of the stats of the weapons without pictures of you holding it or at least an icon. I can’t use those as images. After all, isn’t it cooler to see someone holding the item rather than just the picture of the text that goes along with it?

As always, you can always e-mail me, [email protected] , with any and all information you might have, as well as questions about what you can do to help us.

Once again, thanks to that big list of people up there! I want to see more names and to thank a lot more of you out there! These people are famous now! Don’t you want to be to?

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