Asherons Call: CoD Dominates Darktide


In a lightning speed attack, Darktide was brought firmly under the control of the Crossroads of Dereth staff. The first to feel our might was the Holtburg West Outpost, followed by Holtburg itself. Then we moved south bringing Rithwic under our control and a final assault on Greenspire where our very bodies were used as high attitude bombs to scour evil from the land!

I seriously don’t think we screwed up the server too bad, and a few players were nice enough to kill us…repeatedly!

The CoD Team: Myself, Optim, Ravlen, Maddy, Ophelea, The Blueman, Gremmlin, Evil Garden Gnome (Ophelea’s vassal) Mish (Ophelea’s vassal), Down wit that (some guy we just picked up). Unfortunately some of the staff have *lives* and couldn’t come on a Saturday night. Losers.

Thanks to:

Striken, who while killing us repeatedly, let us kill him a couple times. I was actually without vitae at one point!

Alpha-Male, who killed us with a ring spell, that was neat to see. (Nope, the buffs didn’t get us to lift your ban!)

Gimli the Gimp, sorry about killing you there, the bloodlust was on us.

Invulnerable, he wanted his name in the News. There you go. (Hope I remembered it right.)

I’m sleepy, so that’s all I’m remembering at the moment. I apologize if I didn’t remember you! I appreciate everyone putting up with us and hopefully our bodies decay soon so they won’t lag you for too much longer.

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