Asherons Call: *Obligatory Fist de Yuma Subject*


Yes it is that time again, it is Tuesday and time for Fist de Yuma. This week’s column covers issues about Queen Questing, Newsgroup Tales and how fellowships have changed the face of the game:

In fact I’m not. While it is not what Turbine intended it is a gain for the game. The power levelers will always be with us. Fellow or not the corals will be camped 24/7. By making a fellow they do gain xp faster but the other side effect is to make it friendlier.

People don’t care of someone in the fellow attacks their target. The help is many times welcome. Some of the lower xp gaining spots can now be utilized as the corals will die if their there to kill them or not. The chatter in the fellows can be a lot of fun as well. This may not happen every time but it happens a lot.

You can head over to the Olthoi Lair to read the rest of the column.

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