Asherons Call: Parade of the Ken\’s Continues


Ken Troop responded over on the Game Issues board to a few bugs that appeared in today’s patch. The first was in regard to some goofy spells showing up on a few shields:

As for your first part, the only items that we are aware of that have absolutely no use are bow/crossbow/magic skill/mana conversion masteries on shields, which was a mistake, and which, if fixed, will be in by March at the soonest.

There should be no magic school masteries on weapons at all.

In addition, with regard to existing shields with odd spells on them:

I’d strongly imagine that shields with those “interestingly useless” spells on them will always have them.

The fix would be to stop any newly generated shields from having them.

A final issue he addressed was the few mansions that appear to have their convenant crystals inaccessible, making the payment of fees impossible:

These should all be paid now, and there should be a SoTC update about it soon.

Please post here if one of these mansions that was bought in the December update is both not accessible, and the maintenance fee will be due in the next 30 days.

The Covenant Crystals will not be accessible until February’s update, but all the maintenance should be paid for these 10 mansions through that time.


Thanks Ken. I need to change my name to Ken, so I’m popular too. Ken al-Sheth has a nice ring to it…

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