Asherons Call: Stratics Update


Greetings folks!

Well, it has been one frustrating issue after another with regard to this new server we moved to a couple weeks ago. Here is where we stand. Today or tomorrow, we will be receiving an entirely new server. Not a single component (i.e. SCSI controller, hard drive, etc.). We are getting an entirely new system with 100% of the components being new.

Rather than playing the hardware shuffle any longer, it was decided to simply replace the entire box and leave nothing more to chance. The server will be down during the course of the day today (01/14/02) and possibly tomorrow as well depending on how things go in the data center. We should then be back online and everything should be good to go from that point on.

I feel I must address the rumors that people like to start about Stratics “dropping off the map” and how we “had a good run” as if we’re packing our bags and closing shop. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve simply had a very difficult situation with new hardware and a much less than responsive host with regard to support and turn-around times. Trust me when I say that we’d not be remaining with this host if it were not in our best interest at this time.

This recent bout of hardware issues with our new server does not mean we’re going away or closing the network. On the contrary, we have a lot of exciting new plans for 2002 and we’re not going anywhere except forward. So when you see a post on some site stating that we’re closing our doors…keep in mind that they never came to us to find out the facts of the situation. No one posting such comments have.

I want to once again apologize to everyone for the inconvenience our downtime may have caused you, but we will be fully up to speed again shortly. This server replacement should address everything. By the way, while the main web server is being replaced, please do visit our forums. Maybe people have not even realized that even when the primary web server was down, our other servers have been online and running great. Our forums are available: We all understand it may take a couple weeks of being back before some are fully convinced, but that’s okay. We’ll be here. 😉



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