Ask Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling Anything


Robert “FourZeroTwo” Bowling has taken to Reddit to face the internet – all of the internet – head on over Modern Warfare 3.

Though it faces pressure from at least one major challenger, there’s little doubt that Modern Warfare 3 will be the 800-lb gorilla of the gaming industry when it releases this November.

Following the title’s showing at this past week’s E3, Infinity Ward’s creative strategist Robert Bowling posted an AMA – “Ask Me Anything” – on Reddit. “I got sent a request to do an AMA on reddit,” says Bowling, “so here I am. We just revealed a load of content at E3 so feel free to ask any MW3 or non-game related questions.”

Naturally, the internet has obliged. The AMA was posted roughly half an hour ago, so only a few questions have been answered at this point – and while Bowling is obviously coming into this from a pro-PR point of view, he’s also refreshingly frank at times.

If you’d like to see Bowling’s answers for questions like “What differentiates MW3 from MW2,” and “Will disabled gamers be able to fully map buttons,” then head over to Reddit. Smart money says that he probably won’t be answering any questions about Battlefield 3, dedicated servers or Bobby Kotick, though – at least not without stepping on a proverbial internet landmine.

(Reddit AMA, via Twitter)

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