Astonishingly Divine BioShock Infinite Gameplay Trailer Out


The day is finally here: BioShock Infinite’s full 10-minute gameplay trailer has been released to the world.

Forget the BioShock Infinite gameplay teaser released this weekend, it’s nothing compared to the real thing. Just released today, the 10-minute masterpiece shows players exactly what they’ll contend with in the floating city of Columbia.

BioShock Infinite is undeniably BioShock. The same feeling I got when being lowered into the subterranean depths of Rapture is what I felt in the first 30 seconds of this trailer. However, Columbia appears to be far from a Rapture clone.

I mean, come on, the trailer opens up with a steampunk horse hauling a hovercart. Then a strange woman is seen sweeping near a massive inferno. And once the main character encounters a glowing-eyed politician, it only gets better.

After diving through the air on Columbia’s rollercoaster-like sky rails, the game’s hero (Booker DeWitt) takes refuge from an attacking cannon in a bar. The bar’s inhabitants don’t immediately attack, aside from one salty dog that decides to unload a shotgun on DeWitt, which he telekinetically takes from the attacker and unloads in his face before acquiring it as a new weapon. This angers the entire bar, and perhaps the entire floating platform. In BioShock, players had multiple enemies coming at them at once, but Infinite brings overwhelming waves of enemies on the level of a game like Resident Evil 5, and they’re all armed.

To contend with these forces, the trailer shows off new mechanics for the mixing of powers (which can apparently be ingested). Whereas in BioShock players could shoot bolts of lightning into pools of water to shock anyone standing in them, this trailer shows DeWitt shocking an entire storm cloud and zapping a mass of enemies. Telekinesis also plays a huge role, with DeWitt stopping a cannon shell in mid-air and throwing other various objects around. These powers will evidently be used in-tandem with Elizabeth’s, the character DeWitt has been sent to rescue. To me, this hints towards a possible co-op mode, but at the least we know that multiple elemental attacks will be combined throughout the game even if Elizabeth remains an NPC.

And finally, we have Infinite‘s Big Daddy counterpart, now called the Handyman. Which is nothing compared to a mysterious dark armored beast with mechanical wings that who knows what it’ll take to beat. In other words, Infinite is similar to BioShock, but expanded in many ways, and this we know from a relatively short, partially scripted gameplay trailer. Yeah, I’m looking forward to this one, big time.

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