Atari Partners With AQ Interactive to Publish Bullet Witch

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Atari will publish Xbox 360 title Bullet Witch outside of Japan as part of a new, ongoing partnership with Japanese publisher AQ Interactive.

In a press release earlier today, Atari announced an ongoing co-publishing agreement with Japanese publisher AQ Interactive. The partnership’s first release will be Bullet Witch, a single player goth/sci-fi-themed action title for the Xbox 360. Bullet Witch was released in Japan last month.

“We are very pleased to announce this partnership with AQ Interactive Inc. and look forward to working with them on Bullet Witch and beyond,” said Atari Sales and Marketing VP Nique Fajors. “To offer an engaging and unique title such as Bullet Witch to kick start our partnership underlines Atari’s commitment to bringing interesting and different titles to gamers all over the world.”

The development is the latest in a long series of restructuring moves for Atari, which following substantial net losses during the 2006 fiscal year has faced faltering stock values and potential Nasdaq delisting. Atari has sold off several key properties in recent months, including the Driver, Timeshift, and Stuntman franchises, as well as the casual gaming site and Texas studio Paradigm Entertainment.

AQ Interactive’s development partners include Bullet Witch creator Cavia, as well as Japanese studios Artoon and Feel Plus. Since its formation in October 2005, AQI has announced multiple upcoming next-gen titles by the studios, including Bullet Witch, Cry On, and Vampire’s Rain, as well as several untitled projects. Atari’s publishing announcements have thus far been limited to Bullet Witch, however.

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