Australians Hack ATM to Run Doom


Sure, most ATMs use some kind of Windows-based operating system, but can they run Doom? Evidently, yes.

A couple of tech wizards over in Australia in pursuit of that age old question (can you run Doom on it?) have managed to hack an Automatic Teller Machine to play id Software’s classic first person shooter.

The ATM in question, an NCR Personas ATM, uses a Windows XP based operating system, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get the game actually running. What is particularly cool is that the guys have manged to get the ATM’s side buttons working as in-game inputs using an i-Pac controller, and are working on remapping the machine’s PIN pad too.

Another, slightly more far-fetched goal is to get the ATM’s receipt printer to print out proof of players finishing a hard level. Imagine if your ATM would only give you your requested cash if you could manage to beat a level of Doom?

The hack required custom software and logic, including a circuit board, to get working, but its good to know that you can slay demons on pretty much anything these days. For more odd peices of technology running Doom be sure to check out the It Runs Doom blog.

Source: It Runs Doom

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