Avalanche Studios Teases Just Cause 3 With New Development Video


What game could send the Avalanche team into the rainforest for research? I wonder…

A new behind-the-scenes development video from developer Avalanche Studios strongly suggests the studio may be working on Just Cause 3. The video recounts a recent research trip to Costa Rica, where members of the team “dense vegetation, beautiful skies and flowing water,” for multiple unspecified “open world games.”

Officially, Avalanche is working on just one project at the moment, the upcoming adaptation of Mad Max, but rumors and hints from the studio have hinted the game has been in the works for some time. According to Gamespot, the developer is also working on an unannounced mobile game.

“We’ve been creating complex environments for ten years,” explains associate art director Andreas Oberg. “But of course, nothing compares to being in an environment like this for real.”

The studio refers to Just Cause 2 often when describing what they’re looking to get out of the trip:

“Look at the complexity of this vegetation,” says Oberg. “All the things here on the trees: The little drops of water, this little moss, these almost-branches… When we make the computer games, we are always fighting against the limitations of technology, and coming up with clever ways of solving this. In a game like Just Cause 2 we had about ten million trees.”

Avalanche specifically notes they plan to apply their findings to Mad Max‘s skies. You know where else you can look at the sky? Anywhere. They chose to visit a rainforest for a reason. We can’t definitively say whether or not they did so specifically for Just Cause 3, but it was not for desert wasteland of Mad Max.

Mad Max is expected to launch in 2014. Just Cause 3 may or may not be in development.

Sources: Avalanche Studios, Gamespot

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