Avatar: Generations Key Art

As Nickelodeon’s concerted attempts to revitalize the Avatar franchise hit full swing, Square Enix has announced it will join the action with a new turn-based mobile RPG. Titled Avatar: Generations, the game is being developed by the relatively new Square Enix London Mobile team in collaboration with Navigator Games (Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast).

Details on the project are fairly light at present, though it’s ambitious. The first chapter of Avatar: Generations will reintroduce players to the key cast of The Last Airbender “as they embark on a globetrotting quest to fulfill Aang’s destiny,” according to Square Enix London Mobile (via Gematsu). From there, the game will expand over time to include stories of other timelines and other fan-favorite Avatars, including Kyoshi, Korra, and Roku. Beyond the story elements, the publisher is promising “epic squad-based battles and unique adventure sequences, underpinned by deep upgrade and party customization systems as players recruit new heroes and grow their team potential.”

Avatar: Generations will be free to play, with a soft launch on Android and iOS set for Canada, Denmark, South Africa, and Sweden later this month. More territories will gain access as time goes on. According to Navigator Games CEO Will Moore, the teams are aiming to create an experience that is “authentic and exciting to fans of the series and RPG games alike,” while also being approachable for new fans.

Meanwhile, Netflix is current working on a new live-action adaptation of the original series, while Nickelodeon’s dedicated new Avatar Studios branch has three animated films currently in production.


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