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Avatar Sequels Bring Concept Art Revealing New Aspects of Pandora

Avatar sequels concept art Pandora

The Avatar sequels are coming whether anyone is that excited for them or not, and the marketing is starting to get underway. The official Avatar Twitter account released four pieces of concept art today that supposedly show off some of the new parts of Pandora, the world that the Avatar films take place in, that we’ll be seeing in the four upcoming sequels.

The images seem to show off parts of the world that are closer to large bodies of water, including some Na’vi riding some sea creatures we’ve never seen before. Otherwise, the images aren’t all that remarkable unless you’re really into tropical beaches and tall blue people. The design doesn’t look that drastically different from the parts of Pandora we saw in the original film, and the concept art has a very “2005 video game cutscene” feel to it. Obviously, the final film is going to look a lot better than this given the time, money, and technology James Cameron is dumping into the films, but as an early preview of the movies these seem lackluster.

Disney is hoping that Avatar can become yet another massive franchise for it after it acquired the rights to the films in the Fox merger. There’s already an Avatar theme park at Disney World, Cameron hardly ever flops, and the original film did hold the highest-grossing global box office ever for 10 years, so there’s some reason for belief in the franchise. However, it’s also been 10 years and the original film left little cultural impact. When was the last time you saw a Na’vi cosplay? It’s possible that these films are a much bigger gamble than Disney thinks.

The first of the four Avatar sequels, which doesn’t have a name yet, will release on Dec. 18, 2020.

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