Avengers-Themed Nail Art is a Manicure Not Found in Stores

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One nail tutorial shows off intricate designs inspired by The Avengers characters.

Showing off fandom pride is usually done with graphic tees, but that clothing isn’t always appropriate. Talenda Gandy wrote a tutorial illustrating the perfect Avengers-themed nail art.

Gandy uses Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor, Loki, and Captain America as influences. To start, she uses nine different nail polishes along with the following tools: masking tape, a dotting tool, a small striping brush, a black nail art pen, and some star sequins.

Each character has their own base coat from silver for Thor, green for Loki, pearlescent white for Captain America, and red for both Black Widow and Iron Man. From here, Gandy used striping tape to make an X across the nail for Black Widow. On the left and right sections, she painted black over the base coat.

Moving on from Black Widow, the other red nail for Iron Man gets a gold tip, and Thor gets a red tip. Captain America gets two small red stripes near the base of the nail and one blue dot. Before the blue dried, Gandy placed a star sequin on top, but she noted star glitter could also be used. Loki gets a small black triangle on the nail bed. To do this, she used masking tape and cut a triangle shape out, placing the tape on top of the fully dried green base coat. Then she used black nail polish to fill out the triangle. After pulling off the tape, she gave Loki a gold triangle tip.

Next are the details. Loki gets two gold dots in the center on top of the green coat. Thor gets black crosshairs with the nail pen for his armor. Iron Man’s details are complicated; Gandy began by making one light blue dot in the center on top of the red. On top of the light blue dot is a smaller royal blue dot, and on top of that is another smaller light blue dot. To finish the arc reactor design, she used a tiny brush with royal blue nail polish to draw lines outward to the edge of the largest light blue dot. Then the rest was a shiny topcoat on each and cleanup around the edges.

To see the tutorial in full, check it out on The Gloss.

Source: The Gloss

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