Avowed gameplay leak report Skyrim Pillars of Eternity magic combat

A report from Windows Central offers more insight into the development of Avowed, Microsoft and Obsidian Entertainment’s Xbox and PC-exclusive first-person fantasy RPG set in the same universe as Pillars of Eternity. The game’s announcement trailer was notably all prerendered footage, but according to the report’s sources, Avowed is steadily moving through pre-production, establishing core game features and nearing a playable alpha build. Windows Central saw a build of the game of indeterminate age, and Avowed could be much further along than was witnessed. In any case, Avowed gameplay seems to be shaping up as Skyrim meets Pillars of Eternity, with lots of class-based play styles, “mountains” of magic spells, and a wide variety of one- or two-handed combat options.

You can reportedly dual-wield two swords, cast powerful spells requiring both hands, swing at opponents with your right hand while using magic in your left, or anything in-between. Avowed will also reportedly emphasize loadout-based combat. That means you can expect warrior loadouts to equip you with more physical attacks, such as “powerful kicks” and “shield bashes.” Meanwhile, casters are given spell book options that allow players to customize their magical approach.

Aside from borrowing from games like Skyrim and Obsidian’s own The Outer Worlds, Obsidian will also incorporate many elements from Pillars of Eternity. For example, Jolting Touch, Fireball, and Fetid Caress spells will all reportedly return. Weapons similar to Pillars of Eternity’s firearms are said to make an appearance, too, along with weapon enchantments. Creatures like drakes, wyverns, and the Xaurips are all reportedly coming as well.

Avowed is apparently “far more colorful” than games like Skyrim, promising a wide variety of locations that range from bright and mysterious forests to dark tombs crawling with skeletons. Destructible environments may feature to some degree as well.

However, Obsidian has said little officially about gameplay in Avowed to date, and assuming today’s report is accurate, it’s still possible that plans could change dramatically during development.

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