Babylon X Trailer Reveals Final Fantasy Inspired Action RPG for PC & Consoles Mighty Boy Studio

Babylon X Trailer Reveals Final Fantasy-Inspired Action RPG for PC & Consoles

Indie developer Mighty Boy Studio has published a trailer for Babylon X, a third-person, fantasy action RPG created in Unreal Engine 5 that takes place during the creation of the Tower of Babel. The reveal trailer has no release date but has the game set to launch on PC and consoles.

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Mighty Boy says that it had one goal when creating Babylon X: “to combine the best elements of Western and Eastern narrative and directing, taking inspiration from classic JRPGs such as the Final Fantasy series and Hollywood action-adventure films of the ‘90s.” Today’s trailer does its best to sell players on this idea, as it focuses on its two protagonists, Samson and Leykah. Their story sees them facing an approaching apocalypse in an alternate-history world where magic, energy, and gravity were discovered and led to technological advancements in Babylon and Egypt. Although some of the animations could be less…janky, the project looks ambitious. Hopefully, things will look more polished as development continues, but until then, you can see the Babylon X reveal trailer below.

“Players follow Samson, a former prophet who is now a runaway slave and avenger, and Leykah, a young moon cult priestess, as they band together to face the impending apocalypse of their dying world and search for the answers that just might save it,” a Babylon X summary from Mighty Boy says. “Beyond the epic setting, developers will focus on delivering a simple human story that with an emotional and personal tone for players – during the journey protagonists will get to know themselves, find a new purpose in life, and maybe even fall in love.”

Today’s Babylon X trailer gives us a few small peeks at gameplay. Mighty Boy explains that the adventure will see players utilizing a “robust action combat system with tactical elements.” You can expect to explore its combat and magic systems in a semi-open world with puzzles to solve and NPCs to meet. Additionally, both Samson and Leykah have a variety of gadgets, weapons, abilities, and magic to use, allowing for some freedom to experiment. One of these gadgets is the GraviOrb, a tool that can use gravity for exploration and encounters.

Babylon X also features choices for players to make. The developers say these choices will be made with an original narrative system with interactive cutscenes, allowing players to impact the world around them. As for the studio itself, Mighty Boy is comprised of staff with backgrounds from companies like Flying Wild Hog, Saber Interactive, Owlcat Games, and MY.GAMES. Until the team is ready to share more information about a release date and a more specific list of platforms, be sure to stay tuned for updates.

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