Badass Lego Guns Author Creates Badass Lego Gun Video


Guns made out of Legos don’t get any more badass than this.

Martin Hüdepohl’s Badass Lego Guns book teaches readers how to build five different Lego rubber band guns. Only five, you ask? Yes, only five, because they’re truly the most badass Lego guns you’ve ever seen.

Other pieces of Lego weaponry might carry more ammo, but even the least threatening Hüdepohl gun looks like it might come to life and beat you up on its own. His creations have a rough-edged, mechanical look that you wouldn’t normally expect from a Lego gun.

This trailer that Hüdepohl made would be cool on its own even if it wasn’t associated with anything else, featuring great camera work, sound effects, and a computer-processed narrator. Keep in mind that he actually provides instructions on how to build the Parabella semi-automatic rubber band pistol, Liliputt double action pistol, Mini-Thriller slide action crossbow, Thriller advanced slide action crossbow, and Warbeast fully automatic assault rifle, which are quite capable of decimating any Lego community.

The Warbeast is even too powerful to be contained within the paper background of the video, tearing right through it. These Lego guns have power in both look and capability. Could you really ask for anything more?

Source: Boing Boing

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