Band Hero Wii to Include DS Connectivity Features


For a game marketed as family friendly, Band Hero has a slew of connectivity features that will probably not be discovered by casual audiences.

DS to Wii connectivity features are rare, yet will surprisingly be featured in Activision’s upcoming Band Hero, a supposed casual alternative to Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Even without the DS version of the game, connecting a DS to Band Hero Wii will allow for all sorts of interesting modes.

In the first mode, DS owners will be able to alter set lists on the fly, even while music is in mid-play. Another mode called Stage Manager will allow those with a DS to become just that, taking control of the stage to set off special effects, change camera angles, and control lighting. Stage Manager will also provide the ability to create music videos that can be shared.

The last feature, called Roadie Battle Mode, may be the most intriguing. Up to two connected DSs can each defend their own guitarist (as the guitarists play a song), running back and forth across the DS screen to attack and defend. These attacks can cause all sorts of problems, such as speeding up songs and reversing notes.

Band Hero is scheduled to be released on November 3, 2009, for both Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii.

[Source: Kotaku]

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