Bandai-Namco Will be The First Third-Party Dev to Support Amiibos

one piece amiibo

One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X for the Nintendo 3DS will be the first non-Nintendo game to support amiibos.

Nintendo’s amiibo figures, first announced at E3 this year to coincide with the release of Smash Bros. on the Wii U, have so far only have functionality with first-party Nintendo titles. But now, Bandai-Namco has announced that it will be the first third-party developer to support the NFC toys, with its upcoming One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X for the 3DS.

The latest issue of Shonen Jump shows that the One Piece-themed fighter will use the amiibos in a similar fashion to Mario Kart 8, in that they will unlock special Nintendo-themed costumes for the characters. You can check out some examples of these in the image above.

One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X was released in Japan on November 13, with the amiibo functionality being patched in only recently. As the regular 3DS doesn’t have built in NFC functionality, you’ll have to either pick up a New Nintendo 3DS or wait for the stand-alone NFC reader accessory being released next year.

As for the game itself, like with many anime games, there are currently no plans to bring it to the US. However, this does set a precedent for other third-parties to use the amiibos, which if analysts are to belive, is set to become quite the lucrative money maker for Nintendo.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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