Batman: Arkham Knight Will Return to PC Stores… Soon

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Batman: Arkham Knight‘s troubled PC port will be back on online stores “in the coming weeks”, says Rocksteady.

Remember the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight? Rocksteady would rather you didn’t, but it did actually get around to releasing a patch for it earlier in the month. Many assumed that it would return to sale in PC stores shortly after, but there has so far been no sight of it. Now, Rocksteady has mentioned in a press release that fans can expect the game’s re-release “in the coming weeks”, though it neglected to offer a more solid date.

The press release in question actually related to an upcoming piece of DLC for the game, which certainly takes away from the illusion that fixing the PC version is its highest priority. As for the recently released patch, reports are coming in that while it’s certainly an improvement, it is far from the fix we were hoping for.

At this stage, I wonder if anyone still cares? The game was originally released so long ago that I really doubt that finally fixing the half-assed PC port will actually get them many sales.

Source: PC Games N

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