Batman, Interrupted


Eidos and Warner Bros. Interactive have confirmed rumours that Batman: Arkham Asylum has been delayed.

On Thursday, rumors began to circulate that the eagerly-anticipated batarang-’em-up Batman: Arkham Asylum, which was scheduled to ship on June 23rd, would be delayed until Christmas, prompting much gnashing of teeth from those who couldn’t wait to pit themselves against the Joker and his vile cabal of lunatics.

Unfortunately, the rumors are true, well, partially true at least. Eidos and Warner Bros. Interactive have confirmed that Arkham Aslyum will not ship on June 23rd, but instead will come out at the ‘end of summer 2009’. A press release attributes the delay to Eidos and Warner Bros. wanting “to ensure Batman: Arkham Asylum is of the highest quality for gamers.” Sounds like they want to iron out any final bugs before they unleash it on the world.

While the delay is disappointing for gamers and batman fans alike, it’s hard to fault Eidos for wanting to make the best Batman game they can, especially after the disappointing sales of Tomb Raider: Underworld.

Keep watching this space for more concrete details on Batman: Arkham Asylum’s new release date.

Source: 1up

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