Batman Takes On Hugo Strange and Pet Giant in Timm’s Strange Days Short


“It’s kind of a throwback to Batman’s origins,” says Timm.

“I always wanted to do Batman as a period piece,” says Bruce Timm, and now he has. The co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series has been working on this 75th Anniversary short for a while now, and we finally get to see Strange Days in all its 1930s glory. Hugo Strange and his pet giant – Solomon Grundy in all but name, except this one isn’t spouting ancient nursery rhymes – have abducted a young woman for Sinister Purposes. Can the Dark Knight rescue her in time?

1939’s the first year Batman appeared on the newsstand, hence the pulp aesthetic. Strange gets the lead antagonist role because he’s one of Batman’s earliest adversaries – February 1940, in Detective Comics #36 – and while Grundy appears in 1944, he’s a Green Lantern villain.

Incidentally, yes that is Kevin Conroy‘s voice work; well spotted. He and Bruce Timm also put some time in on a video game you may have heard of once or twice before: Batman: Arkham Knight, due October 2014.

This is the year of the Bat, so expect more anniversary goodness soon!

Source: DC Entertainment YouTube

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