Battlefield 2042 is roaring into season 4 Eleventh Hour with final Specialist Camila Blasco, the Flashpoint map, and more new weapons.

Battlefield 2042 is roaring into season 4, Eleventh Hour, with final Specialist Camila Blasco, a new map called Flashpoint, and more new weapons. Ahead of launch, we got to see a sneak preview of all of the new content yet to come, and it looks like EA and DICE are doing their best to continue addressing player feedback. Battlefield 2042 might be nearing its year-and-a-half anniversary, but it’s nice to see players can still expect seasonal rewards and drops to keep them coming back after a rough launch.

For starters, Battlefield 2042’s green-themed Eleventh Hour season will bring the game’s last Specialist: Camila Blasco. Born in Spain, this Recon class soldier aims to give players the element of surprise with the help of her gadget of choice, an X6-infiltration device. This unique tool is planted in the ground, allowing Camila and her teammates to move without the fear of motion-based technology. That means enemies won’t be able to lock on to those within the range of its communication dead zone. The X6-infiltration device also pinpoints enemy technology, making Camila’s surprise attacks that much easier to execute.

Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Eleventh Hour Brings Final Specialist & a Dense New Map Camila Blasco

However, the real meat of season 4 lies in the latest large-scale Battlefield 2042 map: Flashpoint. Set in an abandoned development complex in the deserts of Northern South Africa, Flashpoint gives players an array of objective locations. What it lacks in visual variety it makes up for with gameplay diversity. For example, vehicles will thrive in short-and-medium hotspot locations like A1, B1, and G1, while objective C1 offers verticality and close-quarters combat. D1, meanwhile, shakes things up with a vehicle elevator, and at E1 and F1, players leave tanks behind to enjoy old-fashioned, team deathmatch-inspired gunfights.

Of course, Flashpoint is only fun if players get some new weapons to parade around. The weapon our presentation seemed most keen on highlighting was the very close-range Super 500 shotgun. This pump-action weapon is used for breaching and will thrive in close-quarters locations like E1 and F1. Then there’s the RM68 assault rifle, which offers versatility and a built-in suppressor, while the new AC9 SMG specializes in quick hip-fire fights. The final new weapon coming in Battlefield 2042 Season 4 is the RPT-31 LMG, a high-mobility machine gun that brings a low rate of fire and quick bullet speed.

Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Eleventh Hour Brings Final Specialist & Flashpoint

Live-service titles love their battle passes, and Battlefield 2042 is no different. With Eleventh Hour comes a fresh battle pass with 100 tiers of free and premium content. The tier 0 Specialist set for premium players gives Irish his Greenback cosmetic, which lines him in a sleek black suit with green accents and a cold killer’s mask. Play enough to reach tier 100 and you’ll unlock Camila Blasco’s similarly styled premium skin and set. Just as in previous seasons, premium players who complete the season 4 battle pass will receive enough currency to unlock the season 5 battle pass when it eventually arrives.

Battlefield 2042 season 4 Vault Weapons also bring back a handful of Battlefield 3 weapons, such as the SVD and Type-88 LMG, with the new season also adding in a squad-centered vehicle called the CAV Brawler. There’s also a new gadget coming in the form of the SPH explosive launcher, which can be used to ward off enemy infantry. The multiplayer-only Battlefield 2042 may have had a less-than-ideal start, but it’s clear EA and DICE aren’t going down without a fight. Although Eleventh Hour, unfortunately, brings the end of new Specialists, we can still hope for more game-changing maps to arrive in future seasons. Season 4 has a release date of February 28, 2023, and in the interim, check out the new trailer and screenshots below.

Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Eleventh Hour Brings Camila Blasco & Flashpoint Map

Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Eleventh Hour Brings Camila Blasco & Flashpoint Map

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