DICE says that even if you don’t use Origin to buy Battlefield 3, you’ll still have to connect to EA’s online service in order to play the game.

The reaction to news that the upcoming military shooter Battlefield 3 will not be available on Steam was surprisingly strong. An awful lot of gamers are put off by the fact that if they want to buy the game online, they’ll have to install Origin to do so.

But it turns out that Origin won’t be mandatory just for those folks who like to shop online. All versions of the game will require a connection to Origin, according to DICE Global Battlefield Community Manager Daniel Matros, even those purchased at retail.

“Yes those ‘rumors’ are true,” Matros tweeted in response to a question about reports on Battlefield forums that disc-based versions of the game will still require Origin.

It’s not really a huge shock, given the online-focused nature of the game, but another client running in the background, sucking up CPU cycles and RAM, is not something that’s likely to make gamers very happy. A lot of people have declared, sincerely or otherwise, that if they can’t buy Battlefield 3 on Steam they won’t buy it at all, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if this has a similar impact.

Battlefield 3 comes out on October 25 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

via: Blue’s News

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