Battlefield 3‘s Launch Trailer Highlights Single-Player Story

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Watch soldiers get chatty in this pretty, plot-heavy launch trailer.

Battlefield 3‘s developers can be forgiven for seeming so excited about the imminent launch of their gritty FPS thriller. This launch trailer, released today, drops plenty of plot-hints at the same time as showcasing the game’s polished graphics, atmosphere and set-up.

According to previous information, the game will be based on events that occur on the Iran/Iraq border in the near future. Several plot lines will apparently converge around the central themes hightlighted in the trailer, leaving us wondering just what the Marines purport to be doing there. The first spoken line in the trailer also hints at some of the slightly deeper subtext we might be able to expect from the game.

The gameplay also looks polished; the scene where the soldier drops from the doorframe to kick an enemy in the chest looks especially impressive. There are also shots of very pretty looking scenery as seen through a gun-sight, paratroopers falling gracefully from the back of a transport, the whole deal. While these levels of detail and graphical fidelity were to be expected from this title, I have to admit that I’m more intrigued by the story than I expected I would be. If the game’s anywhere near as dramatic as this trailer, EA/DICE will have really achieved something.

Battlefield 3 will be released on 25 October in North America, and 27 October in Europe.

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