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Battlefield 6 Will Reportedly Have a Modern Setting


Battlefield 6 will apparently bring the series back into the modern day, according to trusted insider Tom Henderson. Twitter user / YouTuber SKizzleAXE had recently commented his nostalgia for and praise of Battlefield 3, saying the game felt ahead of its time. Henderson replied to the comment, saying that the YouTuber would be “a happy bunny next year then.” Henderson later clarified that he was referring to the “setting and direction of the next Battlefield game.” VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb corroborated the notion that the game would have a modern setting, sharing a ResetEra thread link with the comment, “Yup.”

If Henderson and Grubb are right, it will be the first time the series uses a contemporary setting since Visceral’s Battlefield: Hardline in 2015.

Henderson also mentioned that the upcoming entry will be a cross-generation title, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases being “feature-limited” versions due to technological differences between the platforms. Nevertheless, while he appeared confident with his sources, he cautioned that any unconfirmed information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Henderson has a track record of revealing information ahead of time, particularly for Call of Duty, including details about last year’s Modern Warfare.

Publisher EA has already confirmed that a new entry in the long-running military FPS series in in development at DICE, though it is not planned to launch until at least April 2021.

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