Battlefield V, DICE, Chapter 6, Chapter 5, War in the Pacific

The contents of Battlefield V’s next major update are already being teased by developer DICE. A community broadcast post was published on the Battlefield forums detailing what is to come in the game’s Chapter 6 update. There are mostly only teases here, but DICE does promise more information sometime next week.

Chapter 6 will see the inclusion of one new map, new weapons, and new gadgets. As with Chapter 5, weapons and gadgets will continue to be moved from the Weekly Rewards section and into Chapter Rank Rewards, as the developer says it has seen “great response” to this change. DICE is also increasing the amount of XP players earn after scoring higher on the leaderboards so as to encourage better overall performance per game.

Of course, as with any update, plenty of balancing changes and tweaks are coming, too. In this category, Battlefield V will receive a number of vehicle and map changes, though many more balancing fixes are planned for update 6.2. What exactly these new additions will look like was not shown off in the post, but again, it sounds like we might get a closer look next week.

As the studio takes a “short break” between its major chapter updates, Battlefield V is today extending the Extreme Weather playlist with “Cats and Dogs” on Breakthrough to help fill the gap.

Battlefield V’s previous Chapter 5 change saw the inclusion of its War in the Pacific update, which, for reference, included three new maps. The Escapist’s Elijah Beahm loved War in the Pacific, so consider giving it a shot if you haven’t already.

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