Star Wars Battlefront‘s Turning Point mode lets Rebels assault an Imperial base, starting with the starship graveyard from “Battle of Jakku”.

The long-anticipated Star Wars Battlefront arrived last week, and while it doesn’t have a huge range of maps, there’s more than enough gameplay modes to keep players busy. In fact, DICE will be adding yet another to the game with next week’s “Battle of Jakku” DLC map. This new mode is called “Turning Point”, and it aims to recreate the tense experience of weakening Imperial forces before the Rebellion launches its final assault on their main base.

First, a little context about Jakku: We know it as the desert planet from The Force Awakens‘ trailers, where a Star Destroyer wreckage lies in the sand. But immediately following Return of the Jedi, this world was the setting of an intense battle where the Rebellion clashed with entrenched Imperial forces. Star Wars Battlefront will be recreating this engagement with its first DLC, and is rolling out the Turning Point DLC to mark the occasion.

Turning Point flips the dynamic of Walker Assault by putting the Empire on the defensive against Rebel forces in a large-scale battle. The 40-player match opens with the Empire in control of the map, while Rebels assault three different control points. Capturing a control point unlocks a new point deeper within the map, until the Rebels can finally attack the central base. But there’s one more twist separating Turning Point from, say, Supremacy: Capture percentages do not reset once you drive the Rebels away. While the Empire starts from a position of strength, the Rebels can slowly wear them down, eventually breaking through defenses to a final confrontation.

“At the edge of the map, the Empire has constructed a make-shift base as well as smaller fortifications strewn across the landscape,” lead level designer Dennis Brännvall said. “Rebels need to locate and capture one of three control points in Imperial control. The clock is ticking, but if the Rebel team succeeds with a capture additional time will be added and new control points will be available for capture.”

The Battle of Jakku seems like an appropriate place to launch the new gameplay mode, not to mention a great way to get Star Wars fans excited for The Force Awakens next month. DICE’s “Battle of Jakku” DLC launches on Monday for Battlefront preorder customers before being unlocked for everyone else on Dec. 1, 2015.

Source: Star Wars Battlefront, via Eurogamer

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