Bayonetta has been confirmed for Super Smash Bros.

In an announcement today, Nintendo revealed that Bayonetta will be the final DLC character making her way to Super Smash Bros. It was also revealed that Bayonetta was the “overall number one choice worldwide” in the Smash poll, as well as the number one choice in Europe and in the top five in the United States.

Bayonetta will have two costumes: One with her original appearance in Bayonetta and one with her shorter hairstyle from Bayonetta 2. Her fight style is combo-oriented, with many multi-hit moves. The umbra witch also has four guns – one for each limb.

Bayonetta will be available for $5.99 on either Wii U or the 3DS, or as a bundle on both consoles for $6.99. Along with Bayonetta, Nintendo will be adding the Umbra Clock Tower level.

Bayonetta does not have a firm release date yet, but the developers are aiming for a February 2016 release.

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