Be a Nosy Parent With These Diary Locations for Evil Within: The Executioner

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Disgusting, unstoppable killers have feelings too. Learn something about the inner life of a Keeper’s kid with these hidden Daughter’s Diaries hidden throughout the third and final Evil Within DLC The Executioner.

In this action-oriented first-person splat-fest, you take the role of a father trying to free his kid from Ruvik’s nightmare world. Instead of invading a deadly mental landscape with his own frail body, he instead opts for the Keeper treatment. Wielding a huge hammer, mines, and even more unlockable weapons, you’ll need to fight a variety of The Evil Within’s deadliest creatures to escape.

Below we’ve got locations for every missable collectible in Ruvik’s haunting mansion. For more add-on achievements or trophies, check out the Evil Within: The Consequence DLC Collectibles Guide to grab every letter, audio log, and file.

The Executioner – Daughter’s Diary Collectibles Guide

Note: Certain diary notes are only revealed after using the Memory Scanner. Press [L2 / LT] to activate the memory scan.

Diary #1: The first diary note can’t be missed. After waking up in the massive Keeper’s body, you’ll need to collect the first page on the floor in the entrance hallway of the mansion. It’s beneath Ruvik’s family portrait.

Diary #2: Enter the small room to the left of the family portrait with the save mirror and safe shop. The page is found under the mirror.

Diary #3: Go upstairs and enter the gallery through the double doors. The large central statue of the woman contains the next page. Use the Memory Scanner ability to view it.

Diary #4: Entering the dining room leading to the Sadist combat area, use Memory Scanner on the skull painting to the left of the table.

Diary #5: After using the Keeper’s teleport ability for the first time to reach the piano parlor, use Memory Scanner on the piano itself. This is in the room right before reaching the monstrous giant twin boss.

Diary #6: Upstairs, on the way to the Detective boss arena, make sure to check the restroom along the back hallway of the manor. Memory Scanner the bathtub to find the next note.

Diary #7: In the same hallway as the bathroom, enter the master bedroom and use Memory Scanner at the foot of the bed.

Diary #8: After defeating the three patients trapped in STEM, the family portrait will erode in a shower of blood. Enter the hallway that reveals itself and follow your ghostly daughter until you come across a diary page. This one can’t be missed.

Diary #9: In Ruvik’s disturbing basement, you’ll find two more locked doors and a safe room. Enter through the door marked with asylum symbol and look on the shelves to the left of the cracked mirror.

Diary #10: On the path to the Soldier, enter the door after the slime recedes and go through the first open doorway to your left. Turn left again and use Memory Scanner on the dead end corner.

Diary #11: Along the same path, navigate the chamber with the spinning blade traps. Use the switch to stop two shifting traps, and you’ll be able to get behind two blade traps that were blocking the hallway. Behind the two traps is another note — don’t get too close.

Diary #12: Just as you open the door to the Alpha Amalgam path, there’s an open doorway and an empty torture rack straight ahead. Use Memory Scanner to reveal the next hidden note.

Diary #13: Inside the strange asylum with locked doors with diamond-shaped windows containing all the bosses you previously defeated, your daughter’s ghost wanders through a wall with bloody writing. Activate the Memory Scanner to reveal a door. The note rests ahead of the door and appears in the cutscene.

Diary #14: Through the doors you reveal at the previous diary’s location, you’ll enter one last safe room before fighting the Dark Keeper. There’s a desk to the left of the next set of double doors containing the final diary page.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Nosy Parent (15 points / Bronze):
    Collect all Daughter’s Diaries in The Executioner

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