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Read Article Starfield’s Todd Howard Provides Update on Indiana Jones Game
Header for Indiana Jones Game from Bethesda
Read Article Starfield Gets Animated Shorts Called The Settled Systems
Starfield The Settled Systems animated shorts
Read Article Starfield & TotK Begin an Era of Open-World Games for Players Who Hate Main Quests
Starfield & Zelda Tears of the Kingdom TotK Begin an Era of Open-World Games for Players Who Hate Main Quests secondary to other adventures
Read Article Redfall Is Trying to Drop Its Always-Online Requirement
The Redfall always-online requirement for the single-player mode is being addressed by the developers, according to a Eurogamer interview.
Read Article Ghostwire: Tokyo Comes to Xbox with Jam-Packed Spider’s Thread Update Next Month
Bethesda & Tango Gameworks bring Ghostwire: Tokyo and the Spider's Thread Update to Xbox Series X | S & Game Pass with an April release date.
Read Article Starfield Delayed to September 2023, Showcase Coming in June
Bethesda has given Starfield another release date delay, setting it to September 2023, and a June Xbox Direct will highlight the game.
Read Article Redfall Physical Release Now Confirmed to Include Disc, Following Conflicting Info
Bethesda Arkane Xbox Series X S It is likely the physical version of Redfall will only contain a download code and no disc. This is a blow to game preservation.
Read Article What The Elder Scrolls VI Needs to Learn from Daggerfall
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall game design lessons from Bethesda for TES 6 VI regarding procedural generation, massive scale, and less is more for Todd Howard
Read Article Rage 2
Read Article Bethesda Doesn’t Need a New Engine


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