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Starfield Gets Animated Shorts Called The Settled Systems

Starfield The Settled Systems animated shorts

Starfield is inching ever closer to its September 6 release date. And according to Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty, it will have the fewest bugs of any other Bethesda title at launch. While we await to see if that becomes true, Bethesda Softworks has something to tide fans over. The company has uploaded a series of animated shorts to its YouTube page that expands the world of Starfield and offers a glimpse at the game’s various planets. Entitled Starfield: The Settled Systems, there are three intriguing videos that capture the lives of various humans looking to see the stars.

Here is the first short, “Supra Et Ultra”:

This clip shows Kent, a courier pilot, as he rises through the ranks of the UC Vanguard and becomes one of the elite. It is a perfect encapsulation of working hard and achieving one’s dreams.

The next video is named “Where Hope Is Built”:

Here, we see an orphan named Vanna search for parts to repair a ship and fly into space, honoring her parents’ memory and becoming a pilot.

Lastly, we have “The Hand That Feeds”:

This short focuses on two street rats, Ada and Harper. They steal from the rich to get by, but Ada sees an opportunity to join the people in power and betrays Harper in order to do so. It’s quite devastating.

Starfield: The Settled Systems is a great trio of shorts to get gamers excited for the Xbox-exclusive game. The animation is superb, and all three have a common thread of people striving to search the stars. We will see if these cartoons and Starfield itself will get players to forget Bethesda’s treatment of employees.

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