Bethesda Arkane Xbox Series X S It is likely the physical version of Redfall will only contain a download code and no disc. This is a blow to game preservation.

Update: Bethesda Support has updated its information to clarify that the physical Xbox release of Redfall will contain a disc after all, but Bite Back Upgrade content will be provided via a download code.

The original article follows:

On May 2, Bethesda and Arkane’s Redfall will launch for Xbox Series X | S and PC. There’s a lot riding on the title, as it is the first exclusive Arkane game to launch on Xbox after Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda. However, there is already drama surrounding the shooter. First, there was the confirmation from Bethesda that Redfall will always require an online connection, even in single-player mode. And now, as noted on the Bethesda Support website (via ResetEra and VGC), it seems the physical edition of Redfall will not even carry a disc: Only a download code will be available.

According to Bethesda Support, “The code contained in the physical PC copies of Redfall are Steam codes. The physical Xbox copies of Redfall are Xbox Play Anywhere codes which can played on both the Xbox Series X|S and the Microsoft Xbox App on PC.”

This is a concerning practice that I hope does not become normalized. Download codes work only until a corporation decides to shut down its respective online store. Look at what’s happening with the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS eShops next month. It’s a huge issue for game preservation as well, something Microsoft is supposedly trying to champion. Combine this news with the always-online requirement, which should never be the case for a single-player mode, and Redfall requiring a download code for a physical release is already incurring major issues before it even releases.

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