Here are the benefits to choosing one house over another in Hogwarts Legacy, considering among Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, & Hufflepuff.

For anyone who is a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, you’ll be familiar with how big a deal it is choosing which house you become a part of when you’re a humble witch or wizard attending the legendary wizarding school of Hogwarts. Each of the four houses created by the historical founders of Hogwarts really divide the students by their best characteristics and dictate who they will be living alongside during their time at Hogwarts. In Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have to make this difficult decision for yourself. The Sorting Hat will guide you down a path based on which answers you choose, but you will have the option to confirm the choice or choose again. Your four options are of course Gryffindor for the daring, Slytherin for the ambitious, Ravenclaw for the curious, and Hufflepuff for the loyal, and we are going to discuss the benefits to choosing one house over another in Hogwarts Legacy.

Here Are the Benefits to Choosing One House over Another in Hogwarts Legacy

House Aesthetics

Each house has its own theme and color scheme and will likely be a factor in your decision-making, as it will feature on your clothes and robes throughout your Hogwarts Legacy playthrough. You’ll want to be happy with the color you’re repping.

  • Gryffindor features a lion as its house crest and has a red-and-gold color scheme.
  • Slytherin features a snake as its house crest and has a green-and-silver color scheme.
  • Ravenclaw features an eagle as its house crest (not a raven like you’d expect from the name) and has a blue-and-bronze color scheme.
  • Hufflepuff features a badger as its house crest and has a black-and-yellow color scheme.

Common Room Style and Location

With the common rooms acting like a home base for you during your stay at Hogwarts, you’ll want to ensure you’re happy with your choice. This is another thing to consider about the benefits to choosing one house over another in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • The Gryffindor common room is iconic, featuring heavily in the Harry Potter films. It’s located in the south wing of Hogwarts in the Gryffindor tower hidden away behind the talking portrait of “the Fat Lady” who swings open to admit those in Gryffindor. Take a look at this video tour to see if you like the style.
  • The Slytherin common room is dark and mysterious. Down in the depths of the Hogwarts dungeon below the Grand Staircase, you’ll find a wall that a large snake will emerge from to reveal the door for Slytherins. Here is the video tour to get an idea of the style inside.
  • The Ravenclaw common room has a regal, ancient Greek scholar feel to it and is located off in the other tower that branches off the grand staircase. To enter this common room you’ll need to answer 500 IQ riddles before the eagle on the door will fold in to admit you. This video tour shows off the interior.
  • The Hufflepuff common room has a cozy nature aesthetic with a bounty of self-watering plants featuring all across the common room. This is one that may be interesting to a lot of Harry Potter fans as it’s something you never really get to see throughout the movies. It’s located near the Great Hall’s kitchens in a cellar area — a rhyming knock on a certain barrel and the way in will appear. Have a look at this video tour to see if this plant-filled fantasy is for you.

Types of Classmates in Hogwarts Legacy

Finally the last factor to consider is the different classmates that you will be spending time with in each of the houses, which may make it easier to start certain Hogwarts Legacy companion quest lines.

  • In Gryffindor you can spend more time with fellow 5th year students: Garreth Weasley (Professor Weasley’s nephew), Cressida Blume, Nellie Oggspire, and Natasi Onai, who is one of the main companions.
  • In Slytherin the 5th year students you’ll be hanging around include Imelda Reyes, Ominis Gaunt, and Sebastian Sallow, who’s another of the main companions.
  • In Ravenclaw your fellow 5th year students you’ll be living with include Samantha Dare, Duncan Everett Clopton and another of the main companions, Amit Thakkar.
  • In Hufflepuff you’ll be lounging around with some fellow 5th years including Lenora Everleigh, Arthur Plummly, Adelaide Oakes, and Poppy Sweeting, who has an important companion quest line. If you want to visit Azkaban, you have to pick Hufflepuff.

That’s it for the benefits of choosing one house over another in Hogwarts Legacy. You can basically just choose the one that resonates with you most or that you like the most aesthetically, and you won’t miss out on much. (That being said, it could be fun to try out each house.) Let me know in the comments which house you’ll be starting out with!

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