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Best Alhaitham Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Use the right compositions for maximum effectiveness: Here are the best Alhaitham team comps in Genshin Impact.

Dendro is one of the most powerful elements in Genshin Impact and one that the game’s meta revolves around a ton at this point of the game. Alhaitham is indisputably the strongest on-field Dendro DPS in the game and likely will remain so for a long time. As such, if you do decide to pull for Alhaitham, you’ll need some strong team compositions to use him in — and we’ve got just the best team comps for him in Genshin Impact right here.

Best Teams to Use with Alhaitham in Genshin Impact

Alhaitham Spread

Alhaitham – Fischl – Yae Miko – Baizhu

This Dendro- and Electro-focused team is one of Alhaitham’s most consistent teams and is effective in most scenarios. Fischl and Yae Miko provide tons of off-field damage to the team. Simply swap to them, have Fischl summon Oz and Yae Miko put down her Electro turrets, and then swap back into Alhaitham to put out the damage on field and watch the numbers roll in. Fischl and Yae Miko will be constantly applying Electro to targets and allowing Alhaitham to get tons of Spread reactions going. Whenever Alhaitham’s skills are on cooldown, swap in to Baizhu for heals and his interrupt resistance from his Burst and then back to the Electro units to set up again before Alhaitham comes back in with fresh cooldowns to use.

This isn’t the most flexible team comp, but you can swap out Baizhu for Yaoyao as a good 4-star alternative.

Use the right compositions for maximum effectiveness: Here are the best Alhaitham team comps in Genshin Impact.

Alhaitham Hyper Bloom

Alhaitham – Xingqiu – Kuki Shinobu – Nahida

This team comp is incredibly strong and you’ll be able to take on challenging content with ease using this setup. Hyper Bloom excels at single-target damage in particular, so for taking on bosses or small groups of strong enemies, this is one of the best comps to try. Nahida applies Dendro to all the enemies with her skill and sets up massive Elemental Mastery buffs for the whole team, which is very impactful in this comp as the focus is on creating strong Elemental Reaction damage with Hyper Blooms. Xingqiu has some of the best single-target Hydro abilities to use off-field in the game and can apply Hydro nicely to the targets to create lots of Blooms.

Then comes Kuki Shinobu. Her off-field Electro application with her skill and huge healing from it are top-notch and will be key in triggering tons of Hyper Bloom reactions by zapping the Blooms when standing near them. Finally, Alhaitham can be swapped in and, with all these off-field effects still going, use his skills and burst to incredible effect. You’ll be knocking down health bars incredibly quickly with this setup.

Use the right compositions for maximum effectiveness: Here are the best Alhaitham team comps in Genshin Impact.

Alhaitham Burgeon

Alhaitham – Thoma – Xingqiu – Kokomi

Another very strong Alhaitham team, this time revolving around the Burgeon reaction. Thoma is key to really creating the best effect here. Kokomi can be swapped out for Barbara as an alternative and Xingqiu can be upgraded to Yelan for a stronger team if you have her available. Use Xingqiu and Kokomi to set up off-field Hydro applications to grow Blooms when you use Alhaitham and Thoma to set up off-field Pyro for the Pyro application. Swapping in Alhaitham to use his abilities to drive Dendro application will then enable all the elements to combine and react to cause some powerful Burgeon reactions. The explosions for Burgeon deal tons of damage and are fun to watch; just keep an eye on characters’ HP, as the explosions deal a fair bit of damage to your characters as well, which is why having a good healer like Kokomi is incredibly useful to this team.

Use the right compositions for maximum effectiveness: Here are the best Alhaitham team comps in Genshin Impact.

Alhaitham Super Bloom

Alhaitham – Nilou – Yaoyao – Kokomi

Lastly, we have a pretty sweet Bloom team. The only problem with this team is that it really requires Nilou to work, and not everyone will have her. If you have Baizhu you can swap him in for Yaoyao for a stronger team, and if you don’t have Kokomi you can swap in Barbara for a cheaper team as well.

Between Alhaitham and Yaoyao there will be tons of Dendro being applied to enemies. Once they’re nice and Dendro-stacked, swap in Kokomi to set up heals and then Nilou to bring the massive Hydro application and her unique ability to create a super variation of Blooms called Super Blooms. After a certain amount of time, the Super Blooms will detonate, dealing tons of damage to the enemies. However, they also deal quite a bit of self-damage, so keeping healing highly with Yaoyao or Kokomi to really let this comp shine.

Those are the best team comps to try out with Alhaitham in Genshin Impact — these are all incredibly strong and quite fun compositions to use as well. So if you have the characters to make them, I’d highly recommend building any of these teams to try out!

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